Wednesday, 28 December 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Debbie Reynolds Mum of Carrie Fisher Has Died

Actress Debbie Reynolds has just died at 84 years old. Her son, Todd Fisher, told the Associated Press that the stress of Carrie Fisher's death was "too much."  >>

"She said, 'I want to be with Carrie,'" her son said. "And then she was gone."

Photos of notable celebrity deaths this year >>


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

POP CULTURE: The Art of Growing Old

Plot twist: There is no art. It's hard, it's ugly and it's been the ruin of many a poor boy...

I've had this on my mind for a while now, the absolute unfairness of the treatment of Stars/Performers/Artists and Singers/Actors/Comedians as they grow older. 
I feel like it is exactly the same mindset that causes dogs to be sent to the pound at the first signs of age. Age isn't rewarding, it doesn't make us feel very good. Best to put the old milk and yesterday's shrimp in the bin folks - Because it's going off. 

If you think about the absolute carnage and grim reaper vengeance that is 2016 - (sparing a moment's silence and an online petition click followed by unsubscribing regarding Terror Attacks/Aleppo/USA racial divides/School shootings and the other myriad of human rights violations of 2016 as well) you will acknowledge this fact:
Once a star that we all know and love reaches a certain age - we don't really want the old shrimp around anymore. Photos of them aging and gaining weight (gasp!!) are posted online to much jeering and baying, not many kind words to spare there... 

But lo, and behold. 

They die. 

Cue fandom. Memes. Waxing lyrical postings and tributes that make the humble man shed a tear. 

What happened when they were alive? Anyone? *crickets* 
Why do you post pictures of them in their prime, instead of how they actually were in reality right up until the end? *crickets*
Why do you now post links to albums, videos and more when they were virtually ignored and ostracized during their last years? *crickets*

"Lest we forget"

It's sick. 
They were alive and no one cared one iota.

If you cast your mind back, even two years, you will be able to think of artists who had been ostracized, ridiculed and who had failing ratings and public attacks - who were lifted in memoriam to almost mythical levels. 

My challenge to you: Think of artists who are still alive (even in your local community, artists who have sung or performed in your state) but are aging or ailing, write to them, purchase their material, support their shows for the love of God. 

I'm going to do just that. 

DIARY: Modern Child Problems

Kelsey comes crashing into the room. 8:30am trying to have a lie in. 
Imagine this spoken in a very rushed, angry, frustrated, lispy 6 year old whisper: 

"Maahaaam! Savanna and I are in her world in the *insert Minecraft descriptive word for a place or time I have no idea* and we had to choose what we wanted so I chose cookies and a cake because I wanted cookies and a cake but Savanna knew this mod so she chose a diamond sword but I want a diamond sword but I have cookies and cake and no sword so then I said thats! not! fair! and Savanna said I! Can't! Deal! with you right now! So she glitched me out the gaaaaaame!!!"

*throws self face down on the bed*

DIARY: Holding On

I learned a valuable lesson from my six year old this week. In this very photograph actually.

We spend our lives letting go.

Letting go of our love for ourselves, letting go of friends and family when they no longer serve our purposes, we let go of our dreams when the hills become steeper and the dream takes on weight and substance, we let go of our values and beliefs just to please others...

We let go.

My little girl who is/was afraid of getting water on her face or in her eyes, yesterday removed her goggles and went underwater. The whoops of joy and pride when she surfaced after opening her eyes underwater - was just priceless.

I offered to let her ride on my back as I dived deep into the water almost across the pool, she accepted and I felt her little hands scrunching up my rashie vest. We dove off and I imagined her serenely rising behind me... Until I saw the photograph that my young friend Brandon took with his "NoPro" camera...

My goodness!

Her expression is amazing!

She is, at that very moment, conquering a lifelong fear and doing what she thought she never would... And it's beautiful to see the joy and happiness on her face.

What new thing will YOU accomplish?
What "will not" are you going to embrace?
Be brave.
Don't let go.
Ride like Kelsey into the deep!

Monday, 26 December 2016

DIARY: A Second Burial: A Ring Lost

Today something very sad and slightly profound happened. 

My dad Steven didn't have an easy life. I have nothing left from him, only his thick gold wedding band, inscribed inside in his own handwriting: my Moms name, his name, their wedding date and a very funny looking heart with an arrow going through it. It always reminded me that even though things went wrong for him, even though his marriage didn't work, that at one time he truly loved my mom and wore the ring with pride. 

When my Dad passed away we travelled along the African coast to a beautiful place called Ramsgate. We found a beautiful and natural lagoon and scattered his ashes there in the salty water. I still go there via Google maps, and hover over his resting place. 

In Avoca NSW - is my special spot - a shaded beach with a swimming area dappled in shade where my family go to swim. It's "our" spot and I think of Dad whenever I'm there. 

For the past ten or more years, my husband Francis has worn my Dad's ring - proudly - and I have loved seeing it on his finger. It fitted well. Size and colour. 

Today, without any rhyme or reason, the ring left Francis's finger and settled into the soft sands of the lagoon. Gone forever. 

I will never see my father's handwriting again, or feel the weight of the gold ring in my hand. 

It feels poetic. 

The special spot will now be even more so, as I will no doubt think of him every time we go there. 

This song has played non stop in my head since we got home - I've cried my heart out and felt as if I lost my father all over again. Francis is very very saddened as well. 

Daddy, I've said Hamba kahle Baba wami (Go well, my Dad) to you in the rippling waters of Ramsgate, but I say Sahla kahle Baba (Stay well, Dad) to you at our special spot. You were the White Zulu, more African than your white skin spoke of, this song is from you I'm sure 💗

DIARY: The Problem With Santa

When Sav was a baby, we decided not to do the Santa thing. We didn't want to tell a fib to our kids, even a small one. We have stuck with this decision for almost NINE YEARS. 

We taught them about the spirit of giving, about how we are all Santa's and have the opportunity to bless each other on Christmas. 

They've never had an issue with it, and it hasn't really "ruined" Christmas for them. 

This year, Kelsey is 6.5yrs old. Their Super-Nanna Nyrelle watched them on Christmas eve while we sang at a show, she was a sneaky Secret Santa and left some gifts for us to find... 

For fun, I made up a photo of Santa at our tree (it's so obviously fake but anyway!) I showed the girls on Christmas morning and they laughed. 

But something else happened... 

Nanna left Kelsey a mango with her name written on it, mangoes are a religion for Kelsey. 

About lunch time on Christmas day, Kelsey suddenly sighs while hugging her massive mango and says,
"I just LOVE that Santa. He's the best!"
So, in a bit of surprise I say
"Oh? Why?"
And she kisses the mango and says
"Because he knows I love mangoes more than anything in the world and he chose this one to leave for me"

Aaaahhhh gaaaaaaaawwwssshhhh dammitttt

Sunday, 25 December 2016

BREAKING NEWS: George Michael, 53, dies at home

Beloved and controversial singer George Michael has passed away peacefully in his home.

Police say that there are no suspicious circumstances.

The family have asked for privacy and respect during this time. 

(Photo: Getty Images)