Monday, 9 December 2019

StarViking: Blackened Bones Lyric Video (2019 NSW Fires Australia)

So I felt a song and had to get it out.

This is for the burning earth, the koalas, the animals, the plants, the sacred spaces burning up.

This is for the spiritual ones, those who have held space for this land as it is consumed but not destroyed by the fire.

For the Volunteers who have manned shelters, donated food, water, clothes, times and love.

This is for the custodians who danced under the smoky skies to ask for help, to lay themselves bare and call out as one.

This is for the Firies who are laying their lives on the line minute by minute. Bravery in the face of the most aggressive and wild flames.

This is for the people who have been displaced. For the lost homes. For the memories, photographs, toys, clothes, chairs, kitchen tables... that will never be seen or felt again, only in memory.

And this is for those who I have forgotten to mention.
Downloadable Track

Blackened Bones

In the very heart of me,

In the eye of the storm, I see



When the moon is high,

The sky full‘clouds, and little me



Ooh Ooh Ooh


Ooh Ooh OOh




Feel your soul rise, up

Feel your heart fill up

Feel your feet walk on

Feel your hands hold on


Rising sun, on land undone.

Scarred like blackened bones.

Running hands along me now

Goddess becomes Crone...

Rising sun, on land undone.

Scarred like blackened bones.

Running hands along me now

Goddess becomes Crone...

Saturday, 7 December 2019

StarViking: The Seven Sisters Lyric Video

A cinematic love song, dedicated to every person who has ever sent a loved one off to war... with no assured promise of their return.

The chorus of the song is over 2000 years old! Derived from a poem for Seafarers, by the Greek Poet Hesiod.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

StarViking: Far Below Lyric Video

StarViking: Mother Heart Lyric Video

I've just played this for Kelsey and her response was so lovely! She giggled at the end and I got the sweetest "look" she's happy with it and that's all that matters
Anthemic, and based on a poem about a day that we spent together, Kelsey has been my "little mother" since she was about 18 months old. She has looked out for me, counseled me through hard times, and has told me a few times that she feels she was my Mum "ĂŻn another time"
This song is about remembering and nurturing our Mother Spirit.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

StarViking: Premiere on Youtube!

Starting in 40 minutes... (It is now Saturday 10:00PM Sydney time) 1hour fully produced and mastered album - DEITY from 2016. First time on youtube!

Enjoy <3

Monday, 13 May 2019

NEWS: Doris Day Has Passed Away at 97 Years Old

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After spending the last two decades of my life as one of the official "Doris Days" if not the only one in South Africa until 2015, and Australia until today, it is with great sadness that I've learned of her passing. I remember the excitement when I heard that she'd listened to one of our performances, and had given me her blessing!

Her music has played a pivotal role in my life and I can't imagine where I'd be without her incredible voice and songs.

Doris, thank you for the music, the stories in the songs that have entertained us and seen us through hard times and good.

Bless you on your next journey, and may you rest in peace.

Much love x

Saturday, 20 April 2019

VAMPIRE NOVEL: An African Sky (Chapters 1 - 6)

In 2016 I started forming the story behind An African Sky. I work long hours and don't often have time to write, but I have these 6 chapters and a good solid layout for the rest of the story... Hoping to write some more today. 

Set in turn of the Century Southern Africa and France. This story weaves a magical tapestry between culture groups and generational groups during tumultuous times. An African Sky tells the story of ordinary people having an incredibly extraordinary experience. The story spans from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.



Wednesday, 30 January 2019

DIARY: A Special Concert That Changed My Day

Today I had an amazing experience. After running drums and choir at Peninsula Village in Umina. I was asked to sing for the elderly folk in the frail care unit at Jack Aldous house by Jason Martin.

I didn't have anything prepared but had some old classical recordings from 2014 that I could sing along too and harmonise with.

There were about 11 or 12 folks waiting around the long table for their lunch, I set up my new Speaker (!) and sang a selection of songs for them: Ave Maria, Ave Verum, Laschia Chio Pianga and O Sole Mio. The acoustics in the room were like being in a cathedral... Beautiful!

I smiled to myself while I walked to my car, because the whole morning I had been feeling insecure and a little bit down. Not sure if I was really adding value to my choristers lives and feeling a little sad and self consciousness. I had tried lightening the mood with funny stories, and hearing my choir giggle made me feel better. My choir sang beautifully too 💕

After I finished singing at Jack Aldous House, the elderly folk were just so sweet and so encouraging, asking when I'd be back. It was like being blessed, I had a lightness of step and easier smile... My heart lifted ♥

POETRY: In Memory of Aiia Maasarwe and Eurydice Dixon
"In Memory of Aiia Maasarwe and Eurydice Dixon"

Just a little something inspired by a conversation with Ash Tobin about the recent international discussion about the Murder of Aiia Maasarwe.

Sometimes in the garden,
Sometimes in the snow,
Sometimes in the wood, 
Where the brambles grow.

Sometimes under bushes,
Sometimes on the sand,
Sometimes after romance, 
After holding hands.

Sometimes when sunlight, 
Is dancing though her hair,
Sometimes late at night, too, 
and it isn't fair.

Sometimes it's a friend,
Sometimes it's their dad,
Sometimes it's a stranger,
... Understand?

Sometimes it's planned,
Sometimes it's not,
Who will be next, and, 
How can we stop, it? 

You see, rape and murder 
Doesn't only happen late at night. 
We have to work together 
to find a plan that's just right.

Lifting up those who are broken, 
Those who we see, 
Who are falling down, 
Before they reach, 
That place. 

Raising up boys, and men, 
Girls and women of strength, 
Being neighbours, Being connected. 
Speaking up when we see injustice. 
Stop Rape. 
Stop Murder. 


Sunday, 27 January 2019

DIARY: The Purpose of Life

Written in 2015. Found today for Charlie-Belle... 💗 You've got this, girl.


So today I had a breakthrough.

So often in my lifetime of seeing wasted lives and wasted gifts (my creative, musical and talented Dad) and people crushed by the decisions that they have made. I have asked myself for as long as I can remember: What is our purpose. Why do we wake up every day, sleep every night, make dinner after breakfast after lunch repeat repeat... Why do we raise our children generation after generation through time, why do we grieve only for our loved ones to be forgotten with the passing of time... and today it hit me between the eyes.

We do it for the moments. The 'MOMENTS' - you know them? When you are talking to your children and suddenly notice how beautiful the colour of their eyes is... you see those tiny flecks and spots of colour and amazing detail... when you see the sun setting and you have to stop and really take it in. When you sink into your bed at night. When you meet an elderly stranger over in the veggie aisle and they say kind words, drop a word of wisdom into your lap - leaving you wondering.

Life is about the million moments that we can either notice and appreciate, or gloss over and lose... For me I asked myself, why do I do it? Why do I sing, practice, spend money on sound etc Why do I make things? paint, sew? why? It's all meaningless really. But, when I had my realisation, I can have so many 'moments' during each creative process, celebrate each new step achieved, each new little creation, each new song. I can seek out the moments within each new client or audience, make friends, laugh - connect. It isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. We can be broke, we can be flush, we can be sick and tired and broken inside - but we can make the choice to seek out the moments.

I cried in the car outside a store in West Gosford, I made the choice today, to take each moment. Draw the essence out of each moment. Will you join me?