Friday, 11 August 2017

PARANORMAL: Steve Huff Has Discontinued His Paranormal Research, Read Why.

I have followed Steve Huff's work for 7 years. I've seen everything he has gone through. I feel that this message needs to be shared and viewed, and I'm unsure whether he will be closing his page completely. I share this with the utmost respect for his journey, and feel that there is a massive lesson to learn here. 

"To all of my dear friends, followers, fans and even those who dislike me. Today, August 11th 2017 I have made the final decision to quit the ITC field. I will no longer be doing any spirit communication work and there are reasons for this decision that are very valid. Those who have followed me for the last 6 years will know that when I started this it was with great passion, excitement and I had a strong desire to pursue this research, make it better and hope to find answers and even help along the way. After all of these years, and over 500 videos documenting my evidence, my struggles and my findings, I can no longer continue on this path as it has turned negative and shown me the truth about who and what I have been speaking with all these years. 

It's a funny thing as I used to dismiss demons, danger and even possession because at the time I was getting communication and was happy as can be. My life was wonderful. I had and saw no evidence that these spirits could harm us. But with this work, we learn every day it seems. My life was so wonderful by they wanted me to succeed in this work and be happy and pursue it. These lost souls wanted help, and since I tapped in (many of us do), they thought I could help, some even thought I was GOD himself as they did not understand who was talking to them, asking them to go to the light. You can not do that for too long without getting the attention of something much much darker. 

I will try my best to not make this long…

I have been getting attacked for months from evil. I have had them attempt to possess me, and yes, I have been hospitalized for it. Twice. Recently, just in the last 2 weeks things have been ramping up here since creating my "Gold" box, and that box was made with instruction from the voices that came out of my previous boxes. Needless to say, an attack on me..well. as scary as it is, I can deal with it. But when they start to attack my loved ones, that is when a line is crossed and for me, has to come to a stop. 

Many in this field always think they have the right answers but opinions are not facts. What I have found over the years, and all of my evidence points to this, is that what we speak to with ANY device wether it is an app, a geobox, a wonder box or PSB7 are lost souls and evil entities. Human spirits who are in a hell, according to them. Spirits who were evil on earth when alive and now want out of their eternal damnation. They saw me and see others who do this as their way out, but what many do not realize is that there is a hierarchy. There are darker forces at the top who keep these lost souls where they are for a reason and if we get too close, they will come for us. 

It was not my job to try and save these souls, as they have their punishment. By meddling with this, and trying to help, and by building devices for stronger connections a "code was cracked", not only by me but by a few others in this field. The more you use the device, the stronger the connection gets, the more dedicated you are, the more they see this and the more you try to help, or show the world this is real the more they want to stop you. The darker forces that is. The lost souls just want help. 

I have been in contact with demons, dark souls and supposedly the devil himself. I now believe that to be true. After the last session with Josh Louis from HOPE, things have gotten riled up here and darker, and this evil presence has been trying to take over my body, and also hurt me through attacks on my heart. They have warned me, told me to stop, and threatened me in the past. I kept going, foolishly, and brazenly. It's no joke my friends, it is very serious. If it wasn't I would not throw away nearly seven years of hard work, my youtube channel with nearly 200k subscribers and a Facebook page with 160k+ followers. I built a ITC movement of sorts and now I must end it for the safety of my own life, and my loved ones. 

This may sound dramatic to you, or silly, but unless you experience it, see it, hear it and go through it you could never ever understand. What I know within is now truth. There is no point to go on with this work, as I will never again give a voice to evil or lost souls as it is not my job to do that. Sure, many of you have told me this through the years and I foolishly ignored it as I was certain then I was doing good. I was not. In fact, I have opened portals in my home that may never be closed. Many of you said I was doing God's work, but that can not be true as if it were I would not be subject to these awful attacks. 

Here is what you can expect from me in the future. I plan on writing a book to end my nearly seven year journey, and it will go into details about my last seven years. Unpublished sessions, intense messages, the way they trick us and suck us in, why this work can get addictive and why these entities want us to talk to them. I will explain what it is like before, during and after an attack or even when they are attempting to get inside of us or our minds. I will detail what to look out for, the signs to see and when to take a long long break. I will go into what I saw in this "hell" when I was shown 1st hand. There is a lot I want to say. 

Remember, if a soul or spirit voice says they are in hell, well, they are where they are for a reason and again, it is not my job to bring them light. What if I was helping a serial killer like John Wayne Gacy? That would not be good, and the dark forces who control them decided to stop me. 

As I saged my home today, after another brief attack. I called on GOD to cleanse my home, I demanded they leave in the name of Jesus Christ, and I heard a voice, an audible voice say "stop or die" and I believe they were referring to my work. I took a sledgehammer to my Gold Portal, took down my YouTube and Facebook and decided once and for all to quit this work. 

As I sat and prayed, something I am new to, I saw it all clearly. I saw the addiction that this work can bring, and I saw the manipulation of these entities, what they were doing to me. I saw clearly the entire process from my start to now and how I was sucked into this work which only will damage our souls in the long run. I was shown that nothing good can come from me continuing. I made my point, I proved that there is some sort of life after death and I have shown that if we are horrible people on earth, we will go to this place called HELL. All of the evidence is there, clear as a bell. 

The one good thing that has come from this, if I survive it, is that I am now led to God, to Jesus and I have seen the true light that can lead me from now on. There is good, there is evil. I will no longer work with evil or bring  them a voice, hence the reason for taking my videos down. I no longer want anything to do with ITC and while it pains my heart to leave, after putting so much into it for almost seven years, I have to do this or lose my life or sanity or risk endangering my loved ones and even pets. 

Again, my situation is unique. They targeted me as I was the main guy bringing this serious research to the world. I even just this last week had those who wanted to talk about me getting a network TV show, not a cable show, but network. It is also being turned down (the talks) as I can not do this work any longer. 

So with that I want to thank all of you, and I want to say that there are many out there you can follow besides me. HOPE Paranormal, Chillseekers are two that come to mind. 

Love you all, thank you all, and thank you for coming along with me on this journey over the years. It did not end well, but it did teach me some lessons and did bring me closer to God. I also want to apologize to anyone I ever offended or disregarded when you tried to give me advice. When these entities get into your head, they can also manipulate how you react to others. Again, now I see clearly and no matter what I have said or done in the past what I write here is what I believe with all my heart and all has been taken from the years of evidence and research. We live, we learn, we move forward. There is a Heaven and Hell, it is real, and I can tell you that HELL is not a place anyone wants to be. 

Thank you all,

Love and Light to all

Steve" (Steve Huff Paranormal)