Wednesday, 26 July 2017

BLOG: Thorngate Historical Romance Novel Blog for Teens

“For Robert's sixteenth birthday he was given another gala, complete with chamber orchestra and the finest of foods. Esme had never been present at one of these evenings, and was secretly very excited about being chosen as one of the few housemaids to serve at the event. The servants had been individually trained in the art of food and beverage serving; Smithson had been in his element bossing all the house ladies around. Each of them was also fitted for new frocks, their hair was to be done for them, and it was all very appealing. As they descended the stairs with trays of eats they felt like princesses.
Robert was extremely hospitable for a change and even had a small crowd of young women around him listening to his stories and laughing politely at his teasing. He was absorbed in the ramblings of some young nubile adolescent when Esme caught his eye; she was leaning over the table rearranging the bite-sized eats on the trays. He sidled over to her and leaned in so that she was the only one who heard what he said next,
"You better watch your step Esme... wouldn't want to ruin my evening now would you?..." He smiled at her coldly, placing his clammy hand on her shoulder and she flinched, "You shouldn't have done so well in your studies this year. Esme... it has caused me some trouble with my father" She winced again.
"Please Master Robert... don't make trouble... this is your evening and I wouldn't ruin it for you..." She continued moving the eats as though nothing was the matter.

"Oh, but Esme" He tilted his head in a half crazed manner " will ruin my evening I can just feel it..." He picked up a cheese wedge and moved past her "...then maybe, finally you will be out of my house and out of my mind. Forever"

A Historical Action Romance (suitable for teen readers) spanning 6 generations of a gifted musical family. Book I is complete, Book II will be available by 2018.

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BLOG: Sink Your Fangs Into The African Sky Vampires Blog

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“…he was beautiful. His hair fell in waves, cut short at the back and sides, his nose was straight and proud, his lips carved perfectly as if from marble. His hands were broad and strong. He wore comfortable clothing – not a farmer or a business man it seemed. He turned his head to look at her – and the air sizzled between them. She couldn’t lower her eyes if she tried. He rose and walked slowly towards her, like a hunter to his prey. There was something about his eyes that she just couldn’t explain. They drew her in, the smell of him, like honey and saffron – teased her senses and made her want to emerse herself in him.
“Good morning”

His lips twitched into a half smile, her pulse leapt in her chest and he could see a small vein pulsing near her collar bone. He could feel her arousal – and he was interested. Very interested…”

Set in Turn of the Century South Africa, and late 1800's Paris, this thriller Vampire Novel Blog plays out during tumultuous times. Ordinary people, having an extraordinary experience. Follow the lives of the people of Hermandskraal as they live through an incredible time - as supernatural darkness descends on a sleep town in 1910 South Africa. 

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