Monday, 5 June 2017

ARTS: The Meaning of Djembe (and the story of my Djembe Twins)

Now I know why I have such a love for Djembe. I was so sad to leave my two special Djembe behind in South Africa. The name Djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drum's purpose.
Just beautiful.

The only photo that I have of the Twins.

My South African Djembe twins that I had to leave behind have a special story behind them too. As most of you know, my life is often filled with mysterious and almost magical coincidences (My new Wedding band for instance that was found by chance and has our family's initials and surname initials carved into it) I was needing the drums for a children's show, I looked at modern versions of the Djembe and the prices were ridiculous - and the sound was too "manufactured" - I wanted a specific look and feel. I saw in my mind two pale wooden drums with deep carvings in them. Just couldn't find them though. The one day I was driving down our main road Umhlanga Rocks Drive, and I saw a small second hand shop set back from the road. I suddenly saw the drums in my mind and tu rned my car

around. I parked and walked up the dusty brick steps... I walked right to the back of the store following where my gut was telling me to go... and there under a low hanging shelf... were two pale yellow wood, deeply carved Djembe twin drums. The price was exactly what I was expecting to receive in my account the next day. So I asked the owner if I could put down a small deposit and fetch them the following day. He agreed. Lovely story hey? <3 Always listen to the small voice inside your head. Like Beyonce tells you too ;)


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