Monday, 2 January 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA: Unfollowing the Racists

This is the year that I continue my unfollowing of people with backwards racist agendas. 

If you are black and stir up racist arguments on Facebook (under the guise of emancipation from "whiteness") even if I love you with all of my heart, I'm unfollowing. If it's really bad, I'm blocking. 

The concept of white vs black is a political and social engineering agenda being played out in Africa and in the USA/UK. 
A people united are a people that government cannot control. 
I will not take part. 
The ONLY way forward is in unity, understanding and tolerance. 

Let me tell you why.

I love and support and believe in ALL of my black brothers and sisters, and I won't let a few racist black people paint you all as weak, inferior or broken in some way, you are KINGS and QUEENS of Africa - you have major challenges to face (as some of you have told me) but you have to navigate through 2017+++ as black legends. There is no one who can do that but you. 

You are artists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, photographers, politicians, choreographers, videographers and more. You have Africa in your hands and a big challenge to go with it. 

Forget these brother and sister fools who make you feel angry and useless and inferior.
(I notice that a lot of them are considered to be higy successful, with ties to government...)  Because you are not useless, and you are not Inferior.  
No way.
You are unique, and powerful. 

I love you and believe in your efforts. 
I cheer your successes and I cry when you struggle. 

Start unfollowing people who spew hatred, anger, racial divide and frustration onto your timeline just to get comments and "debates"  

Visualise where you NEED to be and go for it. 

Don't let them steal your thunder.

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