Sunday, 1 January 2017

SHOWBIZ: Mariah Carey New Years Eve Disaster!

The most common commentary:
"Wow, pretty embarrassing! She wasn't even trying. Also what's with not being able to walk down the stair? She had to be held by 2 guys and carried down. She became too big of a diva. Mariah, just know there is competition left to right unless you want to become a washed up has-been." - Agnes Majeed

The least common commentary:
"Her monitors weren't working so she couldn't hear herself. You try singing without any audio feedback and not being able to hear yourself. It won't be pretty." - Adam Hempy


As a performer with over 20 years experience, it is horrifying how people with ZERO experience on stage, are suddenly accusing her of LIP SYNCHING... Um...

 I have to speak up, as a singer myself, She was set to sing live, there are always vocals playing faintly to help the singer track the songs progress (I have the same settings) the sound technician fucked up BADLY and she had zero monitors on stage - she couldn't hear anything, only the key of the music but not where it was in the song. 

You see how every now and then she is able to find where the song is due to the tracking vocals? - she tries to pick it up but really can't hear the music. 

It's a NIGHTMARE for singers. 

Horrid horrid. 

This kind of scenario is what makes me so nervous of events where I don't control the sound. It's why there is a strong chance that I will perform at my own independent shows almost like a club dj - with my sound desk set up near me. 

We can rehearse and work so hard for months leading up to a performance, only to have it all messed up by a sound or technical issue. 

Also, as a composer, with my electronica music, I choose to have multiple layers of my voice singing with me in the track, I create a "choir" with harmonies, doubled vocals etc. My on stage character is not 'human' and so she creates a host of vocals at once.

Will people have a hissy fit and accuse my creative style of being a lip synch? Utter rubbish. Let professional performers style their back tracks as they please. 

Mariah Carey was given an impossible task. To sing a medley on stage, with a roaring crowd and ZERO monitors. 

She couldn't hear the music. 

End of story.

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