Friday, 27 January 2017

MMADAAA Session Three: The Power of Music (and the Arts) for Building our Community: Access All Areas Conference at The Lounge Room Gosford

Access All Areas
Session Four
The Power of Music (and the Arts) for building our community: Louise Sawilejskij GM of The Rhythm Hut in Gosford. 

Dictionary Reference: Community: A social unit of any size that shares common values #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Culturally -> Acknowledging original owners of the land. All music genres. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Diversity -> All types of people. Make sure that all people feel welcome. Change the perception. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Communication -> All types of people. Remember to accept all personality types, be able to reach out. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Accessibility -> be accessible to helpers, let people assist you in reaching your goals. Team work is key. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Open -> Listen to your inner voice. Be open to change. Flexibility is good! #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Artists in a community have a really beautiful way of getting behind one another, and connecting opportunities. #mmadaaa17

Connection: Community is built on connection! “The opposite of Addiction is Connection” #mmadaaa17

Connection: Human connection - we need human interaction, group settings, music classes etc. #mmadaaa17

Connection: Challenge: Find ways to build connection in your community. #mmadaaa17

Collaborate: Opens your community – leads to new ventures and adventures! #mmadaaa17

Collaborate: Double your powers – Double exposure – Do awesome stuff! Fuels and challenges creativity #mmadaaa17

Collaborate: @RhythmHut and The Lounge Room Gosford collaborate and this equals great things in #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

Meet Up: Go to every event, #Music #ArtExhibition #BookLaunches #FilmScreening #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

Meet Up: Networking -> Line up meetings -> Formal or Informal -> Keep hustling #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

Meet Up: Talk to Strangers #NoStrangerDanger #Networking #Opportunities to Connect. #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

#1RULE – Don’t forget the LOVE! #Arts #Opportunities to Connect. #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

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