Friday, 27 January 2017

MMADAAA Session One: Creativity and Land: Access All Areas Conference at The Lounge Room Gosford

l-r Will Small, Phil Pallas, Izzy, Chang Po Ching, Dr Rod Patterson

Access All Areas Conference (Arts)
Session One Live Tweets @sandybigaradiva
Creativity and Land: Phil Pallas social Worker, Izzy Hip Hop Artist, Chang Po Ching Youth Worker and Music mentor, Dr Rod Patterson Art Historian and Social Worker – arts.

Knowing your heritage and your roots is a powerful thing – it enhances your personal experience and can shape and form your future focus. #mmadaaa17

Being aware of culture – the mass of cultures around us – using elements of that culture to influence our artistic growth. #mmadaaa17

Being aware of FROM and ARE – You are FROM somewhere but you ARE living out your walk possibly somewhere else. #mmadaaa17

Trying to forget the negative context associated with “Cultural Appropriation” (the negative view espoused by angry and frustrated people 1 / 2 #mmadaaa17

 …accept & encourage “Cultural Influence and Cultural Tolerance” promoted by those willing to share their cultural practices and ideology with others.  2 / 2 #mmadaaa17

Feeling as if you have no history or heritage can be a hard cross to bear. Sharing culture can alleviate that feeling of homelessness #mmadaaa17

People need to really think about #AustraliaDay debate and realise the impact of this Culturally sensitive date on Indigenous people. #mmadaaa17

As artists we have the responsibility to create dialogue and convey a message re #AustraliaDay #ChangeTheDate #mmadaaa17

26th January will never be a date that unites/unifies the peoples. As #artists how do we assist in this change? #AustraliaDay #mmaadaaa17

There is much to be done to fill in our History books with truths, including ALL cultural stories. Even ugly truths need to be learned about. #mmaadaaa17

More people than ever are speaking openly about Aboriginal issues. This is a positive change & shows an upward trend in reconciliation. #mmaadaaa17

There has been a real loss of culture and languages on the East coast. There are challenges facing Indigenous peoples wrt this. 1/2 #mmaadaaa17

The challenge facing artists is how to bring awareness – “Art has communicating power” it is our responsibility. 2/2 #mmaadaaa17

“A true Artist is someone who speaks for the people – we speak for Australia” – Chang Po Ching #mmaadaaa17

“We can’t listen if we don’t love, we can’t love if we don’t listen” – Chang Po Ching #mmaadaaa17

“We became brothers by Freestyling together, even though we didn’t understand each others language” - Izzy #Unity #mmaadaaa17

Practical Application:

“I want my private and my public life to be in this space called “The Studio” – it’s where mistakes are made…” – Dr Rod Patterson #mmaadaaa17

“Find out what your story is. Be gracious with people. Ask questions. Learn more” – Izzy #mmaadaaa17

“Find someone who speaks your language (your message) and get them to speak WITH you, to others” – Chang Po Ching #mmaadaaa17

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