Friday, 27 January 2017

MMADAAA Session Four: Navigating the Industry and Chasing Your Dreams: Access All Areas Conference at The Lounge Room Gosford

Access All Areas
Session Four
Navigating the Industry and Chasing your Dreams: L-Fresh the LION, Est, The Profit, Ryan Buckland

Est: As the artist you have to stick to your message, no matter what people say, it is your message. Trust your gut. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

Est: If you listen to too many people you will lose sight of who you are. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

The Profit
The Profit: We lose the ability to celebrate the small things along the way. Don’t have an all or nothing mentality. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

The Profit: Reflect on and celebrate your wins, even the smallest gain is worth celebrating. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

The Profit: Before you know it you will be a few steps further towards your dream. If you don’t – Discouragement #mmadaaa17 #Arts

Ryan Buckland
Ryan Buckland: Don’t lose heart when those you help are not ready to be helped. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

Ryan Buckland: Look after yourself – don’t become discouraged after encouraging other artists that are just not ready for it all. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

Sometimes taking more responsibility than we need too.

L-Fresh the LION
L-Fresh: Build up a solid habit of encouraging yourself. Motivate yourself and tell yourself that you are going to make it. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

L-Fresh: Build up a solid team around you who have your back, they will support you and pick up the slack when you are failing. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

L-Fresh: Teamwork is HUGE. #mmadaaa17 #Arts

Est: Do not compare yourself to anyone. The Music Industry in Australia is very small. #mmadaaa17

Est: Spend time with other artists, do not compete. Go to eachother’s gigs and overcome the competitive streak. #mmadaaa17

Est: Support eachother. Have friends within the Industry – they know where you’re at and can support you in return. #mmadaaa17

Will Small - The Lounge Room Gosford #MMAD4U
The Profit – get a good team and good friends around you. Find people who build you up. #mmadaaa17

The Profit – “Get an Army of Mirrors” Teams with a real buzz and positive energy, they will continue to remind you why you started in the first place. #mmadaaa17

The Profit – Remember why you started making music. Remind yourself and stay positive. #mmadaaa17

The Profit – There are a lot of negative people who know everything about everything. Learn who to listen too. #mmadaaa17

Ryan Buckland: Have fun in your life, don’t get too serious about stuff. Find your happiness – keep it good. #mmadaaa17

Ryan Buckland: Mentorship. Surround yourself with people who you can look up to and speak too. When things fall apart they will be there. #mmadaaa17

Ryan Buckland: Mentors will be able to provide you with so much knowledge and advice. They can guide you through so much. #mmadaaa17

L-Fresh: Music Education – there is no substitute for just DOING IT. Volunteer. Learn as you go. #mmadaaa17

L-Fresh: Know your history, know your culture, speak to your elders, tell the stories. Inform and Empower. #mmadaaa17

Est: I haven’t had one definitive moment when I felt “this gives me power / this gives me knowledge” #mmadaaa17

Est: I’ve had special moments with fans that have made me feel strength and focus. #mmadaaa17

Est: Connecting with the world around me gives me power. #mmadaaa17

The Profit – I am not a Hip Hop Artist – I am a MC. I am not a man who had a baby – I am a FATHER. Define yourself accurately and give yourself power. #mmadaaa17

L-Fresh: In this industry it is easy to get “big on yourself” full of yourself. You need to filter the compliments etc and stay grounded. #mmadaaa17

L-Fresh: Remind yourself that none of this is yours, it belongs to a higher power. Just be grateful and stay grounded. #mmadaaa17

Est: Stay grounded. Whether you have a team or a fanbase, there is so much hard work being done to keep you where you are. #mmadaaa17

Est: Remember that everyone has their own journey. #mmadaaa17

Est: Don’t compare yourself, better understand people and this will help bring humility. #mmadaaa17

The Profit – Knowledge of self is real foundational stuff, if part of who you are is solidly set on being humble no matter what season you’re in. #mmadaaa17

The Profit – We wan’t to be the type of guys who will talk to the sound guy, stand in the front when others are performing 1 / 2 #mmadaaa17

 The Profit – Encouraging and empowering others while they are performing, surround ourselves with other muso’s and sharpen each other 2 / 2 #mmadaaa17

The Profit – don’t lose the humility. Keep people who love you close. They will be able to keep you grounded. #mmadaaa17

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