Monday, 9 January 2017

HEALTH & FITNESS: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Exercise

Exercises. You see a cool chart, I see the result: (numbered to match the numbers of the chart)

1) Dislocate kneecaps, feel wrist bones compressing into the hand bones. 

2) Dislocate pelvis and pubis bones.

3) Lower back spasm causing issues with leg movement whIle walking.

4) Shoulder spasm and spasm of the hips and sciatic area.

5) Entire lower back clicks and subluxiates from ribs to pelvis, cue sciatica and leg cramps. Also lying on the floor causes the back of the pelvis to move out of alignment - pain in coccyx and legs. Causes knees to move out of their place, causing foot cramps. 

#EDS #EDSAwareness Google "What is EDS?"

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