Monday, 2 January 2017

DIET and LIFESTYLE: Sugar Free Sucks!

I am currently day 4 Sugar Free.
It's hell.
I come from a long line of diabetics, my Father and Grandmother both lost their legs due to diabetes and both died as a result of complications.
I like my feet.
I also eat a hell of a lot of sugar - I didn't realize it but I was increasing my sugar intake over time, only enjoying sweet things. I had made a huge effort to cut down on sugar in the year, but it slowly crept back up again.

I don't know if I will succeed but I have to give it a good go.

I am avoiding all added sugar (by me into coffees etc) and all sugary products (treats, sweets, puddings) but I am still eating regular food which does sometimes have added sugars. 
I am not looking for recipes. 
I am not looking for links to websites that will tell me what to do. 
Thanks though xx 

Day 1
This was Exhaustion day - I felt really tired and heavy the entire day, spent most of my time lying down.

Day 2
This was the Hallucination day - literally tasting condensed milk in my mouth and standing in front of the pantry gripping the door like some Revenant Vampirical Sugar Demon.

Day 3
This was Headache day - pounding headache in my skull and down my neck. I managed to get out of bed by lunch time and had a nice evening out with the family. Headache didn't go. Noticed that I was more alert when we got home. Like the fog had started to lift. Oh yes, I dropped a STACK of fluid retention. I kid you not - three loo trips per hour - for two hours - busting to go!

Day 4
This is Headache but no Cravings day - my head still feels like it's about to crack open. But I am feeling more energetic and thinking clearly (headache is not helping with this!) I am also as gumpy as fuck.
Still dropping fluids.
On the plus side, my right hand ring finger which has been all arthritic and stiff since August... is about 50% better. 50% less painful. More flexibility. I'm feeling hopeful!

They say the first week is the worst and that it's easy after that.
3 days to go...

In the meantime, I'm going to be grumpy and watch Netflix because I'm on holiday. Also, I will probably think a lot about the chocolate cupcakes I'm not baking and the Nutella I'm not licking off a spoon.

Sugar Free Sucks but it's worth it.

UPDATE: Still Day 4 - Headache is back and worse than before *crying emoji*

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