Monday, 23 January 2017

DIARY: Sisters

Whether we come from stable homes, or from dysfunctional ones, there is something very special about the bond that sisters share.

When a sisterhood bond is torn or broken for any reason, there is always pain that echoes and lingers through the years. It is something so painful, that only reparation and restoration can cure it.

Hearing my daughters (7 and 9) fight, play, laugh, yell, work together and drive each other nuts over this very long Christmas vacation has been amazing to watch. They can annoy each other to the point of insanity, but with very little effort they are back together again having fun, giggling, and bonding.

My sister and I are separated by 12,000kms… it is harder some days, thankfully she is really great at keeping in touch – an area where I struggle. Seeing her name pop up with a message or joke in the morning when I wake up, is the best feeling. Knowing that I can literally tell her anything and she will give solid advice, knowing how funny she is when she has had some wine and brings out her jazz collection – listening to her quiet voice messages of her singing songs just for my ears. Really precious. I wish she were closer.

If you have a sister, give her a call. 
Send her a message. 
Sisters are very precious. 

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