Thursday, 5 January 2017

DIARY: Flying Roaches and the Leather Flip Flop

So something just happened. 

Sandy's point of view:
So Sav (almost 9) and I were hanging out in my room, snuggle time and time for and jokes and chilling. Suddenly I heard a click as a flying roach flew through the open window and wooden blinds... I thought it was a month. They're cute, right? So I was scared because it was a bit big and flying like a wasp on crack. 
Then it swooped over us and we both saw the body shape.   




Throwing sheets over our heads and then realising that it would land on us!!! 

I dove from the bed screaming for Francis to help.

He didn't.

I got out of the room and Sav slammed into me with the sheet still attached to her foot. All of the bedding and pillows were all over the place. I think Sav was connected to all of it somehow.

Francis ran away "looking for bug spray" while I pounced on it with my flip flop and dispatched of it forthwith.

Very regal.

Lots of cat moves. 

Managed to chuck the roach into the loo. 

Sheer horror. 

----    ----    ----    ----

Savanna's point of view:
I saw something big flying around the room. And I heard my mum jump out of the bed and scream.
So, I pulled the sheet over my head, and heard my mum open the door so I jumped out of the bed and my foot got tangled in the sheet! I pulled the sheet halfway across the room and my foot was caught in the pillow case as well... And I jumped out of the door and screamed.

My legs were shaking... A LOT!

Mom killed it.

Dad cowered in fear.

So did Kelsey.

...And me.

No more roaches please!!

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