Tuesday, 10 January 2017

DIARY: First Day of School

It's time people. Buckle up. 

Oh gosh. Already. Ok.

Being from South Africa, a lot of my friends online are sending their kids back to school earlier than we will in New South Wales. 

South African first-day-of-school photo deluge incoming!

Followed shortly by status posts warning about pedos.

Followed by warnings about posting photos of your child, their uniform, their school, and their drop off times. 

Followed by more emotionally motivated, badly taken photos, of mildy apprehensive crotchfruits in baggy uni's and too-big shoes.

"Thank goodness" We will all think smugly, as we scroll down our school coloured newsfeeds,
"Thank goodness OUR children don't look like these!" :)

PS. I am joking. I love all of your cute little genetic creations <3 

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