Sunday, 31 December 2017


Bianca Duncan

LATEST UPDATE: thank you everyone for all your help, support and love ... you may have noticed that Bianca's FaceBook account has been active but that has been us checking for any clues on her whereabouts on her laptop ... we have still had no word and despite numerous people helping to look and so many shares of this post we are yet to locate our beautiful daughter and are becoming increasingly worried about her welfare. Police have now extended the search area to Sydney and Newcastle and all hospitals have been notified ... we will keep updating via this post and thank you all for your love concern and support xox

UPDATE: No word yet but thank you so much for all your incredible love support and efforts - Police are involved and we have help from Uber and Red Bus Co as well as friends and family ... we are so grateful but please keep a lookout for our beautiful daughter xxx

I am reaching out to our friends and  family and our daughter Bianca Duncan's friends as we are unable to contact her and are quite worried about her welfare ... she left home to go to the beach in my car (blue Mazda 3 CD2502) yesterday around 5pm but hasn't returned overnight and hasn't responded to phone calls, texts or FB messages as her phone appears to be switched off. If anyone has seen or heard from Bianca please contact me via inbox or my mobile 0419436024 or her dad David Duncan on 0422986362. We are very worried and appreciate your help, love and support.
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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

KARAOKE Celestial Dancers StarViking

Breathing Respirare StarViking Original Classical

Sunday, 12 November 2017

DIARY: Constant Noise Pollution

I'm often concerned or annoyed by the pervasiveness of the electronic and operational engine noise that we are subjected too on a daily basis.

I am in my room working on my laptop. I have noise cancelling earphones on. They almost completely block out the TV noise while I work, and my children's voices etc. But, as I was sitting in my room, in the moments of silence between tracks, I became aware of an awful deep low electronic noise that was vibrating in my earphones. It was loud enough to be uncomfortable, and I could feel it in my ear canal. I have had an ongoing issue with the sound of our apartments extractor fans running constantly, making our walls vibrate, making my ears vibrate. When they are switched off at about 9pm, I have a moment of feeling dizzy and imbalanced as my ears become used to the silence.

We live next to a busy road, and the high pitched noise of constant traffic is also a noise I have learned to ignore.

Anyway, this noise was different, I took off my earphones and it was still there, coming from the wall of my room. When I put my ear to the window I could hear that it was coming either from another apartment, or from a building site. I am sitting in a state of having to self calm, because I have the traffic, extractor and now this other low frequency rumble entering my hearing.

It made me think of how a week or so ago, I just couldn't take it anymore. I switched off the fridge which is next to my office area. I had shut all of the laundry, bathroom and toilet doors to try and lessen the extractor noise, but the moment I switched off the fridge I felt such a sense of relief. I didn't realise how much noise it made, not a noticeable noise. But when it's gone... you notice.

How many of us fill our hours with music, neflix etc. just to drown out the horrid random not-so-white noise that surrounds us?

I wish I could switch it all off.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

BREAKING: 6 Confirmed Dead in New York Rampage

I have just learned that 6 people are confirmed dead and numerous are injured in New York, following an incident where a car slammed into pedestrians on a busy sidewalk. Please follow BBC breaking on Twitter for more up to the minute details. 

RIP to those who have lost their lives. 
May justice be served.

Friday, 11 August 2017

PARANORMAL: Steve Huff Has Discontinued His Paranormal Research, Read Why.

I have followed Steve Huff's work for 7 years. I've seen everything he has gone through. I feel that this message needs to be shared and viewed, and I'm unsure whether he will be closing his page completely. I share this with the utmost respect for his journey, and feel that there is a massive lesson to learn here. 

"To all of my dear friends, followers, fans and even those who dislike me. Today, August 11th 2017 I have made the final decision to quit the ITC field. I will no longer be doing any spirit communication work and there are reasons for this decision that are very valid. Those who have followed me for the last 6 years will know that when I started this it was with great passion, excitement and I had a strong desire to pursue this research, make it better and hope to find answers and even help along the way. After all of these years, and over 500 videos documenting my evidence, my struggles and my findings, I can no longer continue on this path as it has turned negative and shown me the truth about who and what I have been speaking with all these years. 

It's a funny thing as I used to dismiss demons, danger and even possession because at the time I was getting communication and was happy as can be. My life was wonderful. I had and saw no evidence that these spirits could harm us. But with this work, we learn every day it seems. My life was so wonderful by they wanted me to succeed in this work and be happy and pursue it. These lost souls wanted help, and since I tapped in (many of us do), they thought I could help, some even thought I was GOD himself as they did not understand who was talking to them, asking them to go to the light. You can not do that for too long without getting the attention of something much much darker. 

I will try my best to not make this long…

I have been getting attacked for months from evil. I have had them attempt to possess me, and yes, I have been hospitalized for it. Twice. Recently, just in the last 2 weeks things have been ramping up here since creating my "Gold" box, and that box was made with instruction from the voices that came out of my previous boxes. Needless to say, an attack on me..well. as scary as it is, I can deal with it. But when they start to attack my loved ones, that is when a line is crossed and for me, has to come to a stop. 

Many in this field always think they have the right answers but opinions are not facts. What I have found over the years, and all of my evidence points to this, is that what we speak to with ANY device wether it is an app, a geobox, a wonder box or PSB7 are lost souls and evil entities. Human spirits who are in a hell, according to them. Spirits who were evil on earth when alive and now want out of their eternal damnation. They saw me and see others who do this as their way out, but what many do not realize is that there is a hierarchy. There are darker forces at the top who keep these lost souls where they are for a reason and if we get too close, they will come for us. 

It was not my job to try and save these souls, as they have their punishment. By meddling with this, and trying to help, and by building devices for stronger connections a "code was cracked", not only by me but by a few others in this field. The more you use the device, the stronger the connection gets, the more dedicated you are, the more they see this and the more you try to help, or show the world this is real the more they want to stop you. The darker forces that is. The lost souls just want help. 

I have been in contact with demons, dark souls and supposedly the devil himself. I now believe that to be true. After the last session with Josh Louis from HOPE, things have gotten riled up here and darker, and this evil presence has been trying to take over my body, and also hurt me through attacks on my heart. They have warned me, told me to stop, and threatened me in the past. I kept going, foolishly, and brazenly. It's no joke my friends, it is very serious. If it wasn't I would not throw away nearly seven years of hard work, my youtube channel with nearly 200k subscribers and a Facebook page with 160k+ followers. I built a ITC movement of sorts and now I must end it for the safety of my own life, and my loved ones. 

This may sound dramatic to you, or silly, but unless you experience it, see it, hear it and go through it you could never ever understand. What I know within is now truth. There is no point to go on with this work, as I will never again give a voice to evil or lost souls as it is not my job to do that. Sure, many of you have told me this through the years and I foolishly ignored it as I was certain then I was doing good. I was not. In fact, I have opened portals in my home that may never be closed. Many of you said I was doing God's work, but that can not be true as if it were I would not be subject to these awful attacks. 

Here is what you can expect from me in the future. I plan on writing a book to end my nearly seven year journey, and it will go into details about my last seven years. Unpublished sessions, intense messages, the way they trick us and suck us in, why this work can get addictive and why these entities want us to talk to them. I will explain what it is like before, during and after an attack or even when they are attempting to get inside of us or our minds. I will detail what to look out for, the signs to see and when to take a long long break. I will go into what I saw in this "hell" when I was shown 1st hand. There is a lot I want to say. 

Remember, if a soul or spirit voice says they are in hell, well, they are where they are for a reason and again, it is not my job to bring them light. What if I was helping a serial killer like John Wayne Gacy? That would not be good, and the dark forces who control them decided to stop me. 

As I saged my home today, after another brief attack. I called on GOD to cleanse my home, I demanded they leave in the name of Jesus Christ, and I heard a voice, an audible voice say "stop or die" and I believe they were referring to my work. I took a sledgehammer to my Gold Portal, took down my YouTube and Facebook and decided once and for all to quit this work. 

As I sat and prayed, something I am new to, I saw it all clearly. I saw the addiction that this work can bring, and I saw the manipulation of these entities, what they were doing to me. I saw clearly the entire process from my start to now and how I was sucked into this work which only will damage our souls in the long run. I was shown that nothing good can come from me continuing. I made my point, I proved that there is some sort of life after death and I have shown that if we are horrible people on earth, we will go to this place called HELL. All of the evidence is there, clear as a bell. 

The one good thing that has come from this, if I survive it, is that I am now led to God, to Jesus and I have seen the true light that can lead me from now on. There is good, there is evil. I will no longer work with evil or bring  them a voice, hence the reason for taking my videos down. I no longer want anything to do with ITC and while it pains my heart to leave, after putting so much into it for almost seven years, I have to do this or lose my life or sanity or risk endangering my loved ones and even pets. 

Again, my situation is unique. They targeted me as I was the main guy bringing this serious research to the world. I even just this last week had those who wanted to talk about me getting a network TV show, not a cable show, but network. It is also being turned down (the talks) as I can not do this work any longer. 

So with that I want to thank all of you, and I want to say that there are many out there you can follow besides me. HOPE Paranormal, Chillseekers are two that come to mind. 

Love you all, thank you all, and thank you for coming along with me on this journey over the years. It did not end well, but it did teach me some lessons and did bring me closer to God. I also want to apologize to anyone I ever offended or disregarded when you tried to give me advice. When these entities get into your head, they can also manipulate how you react to others. Again, now I see clearly and no matter what I have said or done in the past what I write here is what I believe with all my heart and all has been taken from the years of evidence and research. We live, we learn, we move forward. There is a Heaven and Hell, it is real, and I can tell you that HELL is not a place anyone wants to be. 

Thank you all,

Love and Light to all

Steve" (Steve Huff Paranormal) 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

BLOG: Thorngate Historical Romance Novel Blog for Teens

“For Robert's sixteenth birthday he was given another gala, complete with chamber orchestra and the finest of foods. Esme had never been present at one of these evenings, and was secretly very excited about being chosen as one of the few housemaids to serve at the event. The servants had been individually trained in the art of food and beverage serving; Smithson had been in his element bossing all the house ladies around. Each of them was also fitted for new frocks, their hair was to be done for them, and it was all very appealing. As they descended the stairs with trays of eats they felt like princesses.
Robert was extremely hospitable for a change and even had a small crowd of young women around him listening to his stories and laughing politely at his teasing. He was absorbed in the ramblings of some young nubile adolescent when Esme caught his eye; she was leaning over the table rearranging the bite-sized eats on the trays. He sidled over to her and leaned in so that she was the only one who heard what he said next,
"You better watch your step Esme... wouldn't want to ruin my evening now would you?..." He smiled at her coldly, placing his clammy hand on her shoulder and she flinched, "You shouldn't have done so well in your studies this year. Esme... it has caused me some trouble with my father" She winced again.
"Please Master Robert... don't make trouble... this is your evening and I wouldn't ruin it for you..." She continued moving the eats as though nothing was the matter.

"Oh, but Esme" He tilted his head in a half crazed manner " will ruin my evening I can just feel it..." He picked up a cheese wedge and moved past her "...then maybe, finally you will be out of my house and out of my mind. Forever"

A Historical Action Romance (suitable for teen readers) spanning 6 generations of a gifted musical family. Book I is complete, Book II will be available by 2018.

Read Thorngate Diaries Book I - the full book is available now. 

BLOG: Sink Your Fangs Into The African Sky Vampires Blog

Join the 6000 active readers of this new blog!

“…he was beautiful. His hair fell in waves, cut short at the back and sides, his nose was straight and proud, his lips carved perfectly as if from marble. His hands were broad and strong. He wore comfortable clothing – not a farmer or a business man it seemed. He turned his head to look at her – and the air sizzled between them. She couldn’t lower her eyes if she tried. He rose and walked slowly towards her, like a hunter to his prey. There was something about his eyes that she just couldn’t explain. They drew her in, the smell of him, like honey and saffron – teased her senses and made her want to emerse herself in him.
“Good morning”

His lips twitched into a half smile, her pulse leapt in her chest and he could see a small vein pulsing near her collar bone. He could feel her arousal – and he was interested. Very interested…”

Set in Turn of the Century South Africa, and late 1800's Paris, this thriller Vampire Novel Blog plays out during tumultuous times. Ordinary people, having an extraordinary experience. Follow the lives of the people of Hermandskraal as they live through an incredible time - as supernatural darkness descends on a sleep town in 1910 South Africa. 

New Chapters added weekly. 

An African Sky - available NOW. Hit the FOLLOW button at the top right of the African Sky Vampires blog to get each new chapter straight to your email inbox! 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

ARTS: Electronica / Music Producer Workshop I

Calling on all in-home producers - especially WOMEN producers and performers who edit and record their own music at home. 

Electronica / Music Producer Workshop I - to be held at a secret location on the Central Coast NSW (1.5hrs from Sydney Australia)  

All you need is: 
Your laptop
A music program that you own/use
and as many beats/loops that you can get hold of (you will be provided with sound samples if you have none) 

No previous experience required. Work in any genre that you love - Trap, House, Dubstep, EDM, Country? - you name it. If you want to break all of the rules then do that too...

I will only go ahead with this event if there is interest shown. I need a minimum of 3 people to go ahead. Comment here if you would like to grow your skill set.

No time wasters, if you want to make music: then let's do this.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Chertsey Primary School Song

Chertsey students sing in chorus,
Honour now the blue and gold.
Follow those who’ve gone before us,
In endeavours proud and bold.

Light the land with all the splendour,
Of our children’s golden name.
Raise on high blue gold banner,
Strive and thrive and play the game.

Build the road of peace together,
Build it wide and deep and long.
Speed the slow, remind the eager,
Help the weak and guide the strong.

None shall push aside another,
None shall let another fall.
Strive and thrive in our endeavour,
All for one and one for all.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

DIARY: Kelsey's Birth Story

It is a tradition in our family to read the birthday child's birth story on the night before their birthday. Savanna's story was published in 2008 when she was born, but Kelsey's story is being published 7 years late! But at least it's here!

It is written for the enjoyment of a 7 year old little girl x enjoy!

"On the morning that Kelsey was born, I woke up feeling very tired. My body was sore, and I just wanted to see my little baby and hold her close to me. I had hurt my ankle a few weeks earlier, and had been resting in bed since then because it was sore when I walked! I just wanted to be up and about preparing for my new baby girl.

Francis was out in the garden with Savanna, and they were busy planting things, playing and kicking a ball around. I was lying down on the couch with a pillow and a blanket just reading and resting. It was my due date and there was no sign of this baby coming out to play!

I was feeling very very ready to have this baby! I was having light contractions every 15-20 minutes, and my tummy muscles were starting to hurt a bit, but my water hadn't broken, and the contractions weren't getting any stronger. They were just draining me of energy.

At about 11 a.m. I started to feel really emotional. I started to cry and I couldn't stop crying! The tears were pouring down my cheeks and I was sobbing and sobbing like a little girl. I called for Francis, and he came running into the house to see what was wrong! He was very worried because it was strange for me to cry this way! He got the phone and phoned Annie Windell (she was Annie Skea then) and Annie then phoned Cheryl Rowe (Cheryl was in Ballito on Holiday) and they both decided that my crying was sign enough that I was in labour properly.

We all jumped into action.

Now the week before, I had actually gone into the hospital because we thought that I was in labour, BUT... baby Kelsey did not want to leave my tummy a week early! Little Savanna (2.5 years old) was so very cross with her for staying unborn, and shouted at my tummy saying, "Come out to PLAY with me now Kelsey!!"  
Which was very funny, Savanna had bought two little orange monkeys at the local shop with her own pocket money. She was only two and a half, but she had bought a monkey for herself and a monkey for Kelsey (and even dressed them in Barbie pyjamas)
So again, we packed and rushed off to the hospital.

I was going to have my baby at Crompton Hospital in Pinetown, the same place that I had had Savanna. When we arrived, I didn't check-in they just took me straight down and to the birthing suite. It was really beautiful and lovely, with music playing - there was a bed and a comfortable chair, and a big bath. The bath was actually a Jacuzzi. We hung out there for a little while, and they decided that they would break my waters, that part was a little bit sore and a little bit scary, but as soon as that was done - baby Kelsey was on her way!

I was wearing my dressing gown that had pink hearts on it, white with pink hearts. I had my pyjamas on as well, and I wore a headband, with clips that slid into it - and my hair was in a bun. I felt really really happy and comfortable. We played lovely music and I walked around the room to try and help baby Kelsey (to understand that she needed to move down... down... down... to come out of my body!) then I went and sat on a toilet - to see if that would make my contractions stronger... but it didn't! I then walked up and down the passage with Francis, to see if that would make the contraction stronger, and it didn't! Kelsey did not want to come out - she wanted to stay with Mum! I then got told to sit on a big giant bouncy ball,... so I sat on the bouncy ball and nothing happened... no contractions... nothing. Kelsey was staying there!

They then put a heart monitor on my tummy to see if baby Kelsey was getting worried but she was so chilled out... she was almost sleeping! So I said to the ladies
"I still haven't started Labor, this babe she's just staying here,  I don't want to have to go to have an operation. What must we do? Must I jump up and down? do a dance?"
Annie spoke to Cheryl, and they realised that I was a little bit worried about pushing the baby out - because when I pushed Savanna out it was a bit scary for me, I didn't realise it, my body was holding on very tightly to this baby and didn't want to open up to let the baby out!

They looked in their special box of medicines and they gave me something called Sepia. I had told them before the birth that I trusted them completely and that they could give me whatever they thought would help. And so, they didn't tell me what it would do until afterwards, it was a natural medicine. Immediately I felt more powerful - like I could do anything! I wasn't scared of pushing my baby out anymore! I was so excited to meet my Kelsey Jeann, I didn't care about anything, I just wanted to hold my baby.  

Then they said to me,
"If you are OK, we would like to give you some medicine that will make labour kick off properly. But it will make it sore, intense,... and really fast!"  
So I said,
"OK that's fine!" and Francis said he was fine with it too.
They gave me a very tiny amount of medicine, not a lot at all, but the minute they gave me that medicine my stomach started to push so hard and regularly, and baby Kelsey woke up and started getting ready to be born! So much so, that in 40 minutes, yes in 40 minutes - I went from just starting to have a baby, to holding a baby in my arms!

When I was dilated enough during labour, they put me in the beautiful warm bubbling jacuzzi - and it was the most amazing feeling - I could just settle into the water, and Francis sat behind me. He sat up on the sides behind me, and he loved me, rubbed my shoulders and gave me heaps of Apple juice and he told me he was with me all the way and a part of me... and then my body told me it was time to push! So I gave a hard push - and needed to push again! I can't remember how many times I pushed - and suddenly there was this little child swimming up through the water... and holding onto my tummy. I looked down and I saw this miniature version of Savanna, she looked just like my other baby. That was that! I had a baby again! This little baby crawled up, and was just holding on to me like a little froggy... exactly the way that Kelsey holds onto me today! She hangs onto me the same way!

Everyone went,
“oh my gosh! she's so cute! she’s so beautiful!” and she had the most lovely little hands, I went “Ahh! She's got my hands!”
We noticed the cutest little “tucked in toe” on your little foot and realised “what a special kid” that she was born with it. Born with a very special thing that made her different to everyone else. She was my special little girl.

Then we cuddled you for a little while, and then they wrapped you in a warm towel. I got out the bath and then I lay down on the bed (because they had to stitch me closed, because I got a little bit torn when I pushed out your head out! They did all of my stitches, and about an hour later Grancie, Bepah, Gigi and Savanna all came to the hospital to see Kelsey. (Gangan came to spend a lovely morning cuddling with Kelsey, when Kelsey was a day or two old, and I had rested a bit) When they came walking in, they just cried and cried because Kelsey was the cutest little bundle. She was so short, and she was wearing a little yellow hoodie, and little white pants, and she had a tiny little dummy. She was so beautiful! Little Savanna asked Kelsey to play Monkey's... but Kelsey was still a newborn! So Savanna got all over all of the equipment like a Monkey instead... she climbed on the bed, she climbed on the chairs, she bounced on the bouncy ball, she jumped in the bath, (lucky there was no water inside) she stepped up on the wooden birth step, she danced under the big blue birth light, she ran up and down the corridors, she climbed up dad’s leg.

We were all very very happy to finally meet Kelsey! We took her home straight away - I didn't stay in the hospital I wanted to go home  - but listen what happened next!

I was pretty hungry (Because I had just had a baby - duh!) so Dad took me to Maccas Pinetown, to the drive-thru - with Newborn Kelsey in the car, in her car seat.  Kelsey was not even two hours old! Dad ordered my food for me, I said to Dad “I'd like the Quarter Pounder burger meal please” so Dad ordered a burger, and the lady said “What a lovely little baby!” and Shell Shocked Dad said “Yes! My wife just had her! About two hours ago!”
The lady said “No way! Are you you lying?!”
That was very funny.
Then we drove down the freeway to Durban North, Grancie, Bepah, Gigi and Savanna were in the other car. When I finished eating a burger I said,
“ok can I have the Coke now please?” and Dad said,
“Wait What? I didn't get you a Coke!” and I said,
“Well can I have the chips then!?” and he said,
“Huh? I didn't get you chips!” so I said,
“What did you get me then?? just the burger?? I've just had a baby!! I'm hungry!! FRANCISSSSSS!”
Let’s just say he went to another take-out … to the Steers in Springfield Park, and got me a Coke and Chips."

-the end-

Monday, 5 June 2017

ARTS: The Meaning of Djembe (and the story of my Djembe Twins)

Now I know why I have such a love for Djembe. I was so sad to leave my two special Djembe behind in South Africa. The name Djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drum's purpose.
Just beautiful.

The only photo that I have of the Twins.

My South African Djembe twins that I had to leave behind have a special story behind them too. As most of you know, my life is often filled with mysterious and almost magical coincidences (My new Wedding band for instance that was found by chance and has our family's initials and surname initials carved into it) I was needing the drums for a children's show, I looked at modern versions of the Djembe and the prices were ridiculous - and the sound was too "manufactured" - I wanted a specific look and feel. I saw in my mind two pale wooden drums with deep carvings in them. Just couldn't find them though. The one day I was driving down our main road Umhlanga Rocks Drive, and I saw a small second hand shop set back from the road. I suddenly saw the drums in my mind and tu rned my car

around. I parked and walked up the dusty brick steps... I walked right to the back of the store following where my gut was telling me to go... and there under a low hanging shelf... were two pale yellow wood, deeply carved Djembe twin drums. The price was exactly what I was expecting to receive in my account the next day. So I asked the owner if I could put down a small deposit and fetch them the following day. He agreed. Lovely story hey? <3 Always listen to the small voice inside your head. Like Beyonce tells you too ;)


Thursday, 4 May 2017

BREAKING: Royal Announcement from Buckingham Palace Soon

According to CNN, the Lord Chamberlain has called for a meeting, prompting speculation that there is either an abdication, a death, or another major announcement coming. The meeting will take place at 10 am (5 am ET)

The hashtag #Buckinghampalace and #RoyalFamily are trending. My guess is, with all of the incredible PR she's getting: The Queen's about to drop a wicked mixtape. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

LOOK LOCAL: Special show coming up with OKA at The Rhythm Hut

Just received this from my precious Rhythm Hut, support if you can! 

Welcoming OKA back to The Hut with a special show...
It's a special event with OKA at The Hut...
Hi Hutsers! We've been on a holiday break from our drumming and music classes, and we know you are all itching to get your bodies moving to some tribal beats, so we have a special show for you!

One of the Hut's most popular bands, OKA are returning for a special holiday break show on the evening on Thursday 27th April, 7pm.

If you haven't seen OKA before, think electronic beats, captivating melody on guitar, sax, flute & woodwinds woven through organic juju beats of deep tribal fire. A sound & force that touches the heart & connects the soul.

Supported by local singer/songwriter Brandon Duff, who will be bringing his sounds of acoustic soul, intertwined with popular music, back to the Hut stage. OKA shows are always BIG shows - so make sure you grab your ticket pre sale to save your spot!
OKA live at Splendour in the Grass - Drifting
Also coming up at The Rhythm Hut...
Dustin Thomas (USA) with special guests Numatik & Wandering Minstrel THIS Friday 21st April

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lotta love! International artist Dustin Thomas (USA) has played Bluesfest, alongside Nahko and Medicine for the People, and now returns to The Hut to bring his uplifting good vibes, conscious lyrics, and infectious energy to Gosford. 

Supported by electro soul artist Numatik and local Wandering Minstrel, this will be one lovely night of good music and community.


The 5 Lands Band + guests Chaika, Sunday 30th April, 5pm

Having run for over 9 years, the 5 Lands Band is a well-known and popular Central Coast establishment, bringing together some of the top musicians from the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle.

Special guests this month, Chaika return with their rich tapestry of spine-tingling vocal harmonies that weave seamlessly into instrumental Balkan and contemporary jazz. 

Our student music classes on display at KaBOOM Fri 28th April

Get ready to be wowed by the thunderous taiko, wiggle your booty to the infectious sounds of djembe, be captivated by the beautiful didgeridoo and sing along to some well-known classics performed by our singing students and ukulele club. 

And don't forget, it's SALE TIME! For KaBOOM night only, receive 15% off when you pay class fees upfront (for a full term). Gift certificates are also available so you can spread the gift of music!

Shout out to our wonderful supporters:

 The Rhythm Hut | 135 Faunce St, Gosford |
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The Rhythm Hut, 135 Faunce St, Gosford, New South Wales 2250 Australia