Tuesday, 27 December 2016

POP CULTURE: The Art of Growing Old

Plot twist: There is no art. It's hard, it's ugly and it's been the ruin of many a poor boy...

I've had this on my mind for a while now, the absolute unfairness of the treatment of Stars/Performers/Artists and Singers/Actors/Comedians as they grow older. 
I feel like it is exactly the same mindset that causes dogs to be sent to the pound at the first signs of age. Age isn't rewarding, it doesn't make us feel very good. Best to put the old milk and yesterday's shrimp in the bin folks - Because it's going off. 

If you think about the absolute carnage and grim reaper vengeance that is 2016 - (sparing a moment's silence and an online petition click followed by unsubscribing regarding Terror Attacks/Aleppo/USA racial divides/School shootings and the other myriad of human rights violations of 2016 as well) you will acknowledge this fact:
Once a star that we all know and love reaches a certain age - we don't really want the old shrimp around anymore. Photos of them aging and gaining weight (gasp!!) are posted online to much jeering and baying, not many kind words to spare there... 

But lo, and behold. 

They die. 

Cue fandom. Memes. Waxing lyrical postings and tributes that make the humble man shed a tear. 

What happened when they were alive? Anyone? *crickets* 
Why do you post pictures of them in their prime, instead of how they actually were in reality right up until the end? *crickets*
Why do you now post links to albums, videos and more when they were virtually ignored and ostracized during their last years? *crickets*

"Lest we forget"

It's sick. 
They were alive and no one cared one iota.

If you cast your mind back, even two years, you will be able to think of artists who had been ostracized, ridiculed and who had failing ratings and public attacks - who were lifted in memoriam to almost mythical levels. 

My challenge to you: Think of artists who are still alive (even in your local community, artists who have sung or performed in your state) but are aging or ailing, write to them, purchase their material, support their shows for the love of God. 

I'm going to do just that. 

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