Monday, 26 December 2016

DIARY: The Problem With Santa

When Sav was a baby, we decided not to do the Santa thing. We didn't want to tell a fib to our kids, even a small one. We have stuck with this decision for almost NINE YEARS. 

We taught them about the spirit of giving, about how we are all Santa's and have the opportunity to bless each other on Christmas. 

They've never had an issue with it, and it hasn't really "ruined" Christmas for them. 

This year, Kelsey is 6.5yrs old. Their Super-Nanna Nyrelle watched them on Christmas eve while we sang at a show, she was a sneaky Secret Santa and left some gifts for us to find... 

For fun, I made up a photo of Santa at our tree (it's so obviously fake but anyway!) I showed the girls on Christmas morning and they laughed. 

But something else happened... 

Nanna left Kelsey a mango with her name written on it, mangoes are a religion for Kelsey. 

About lunch time on Christmas day, Kelsey suddenly sighs while hugging her massive mango and says,
"I just LOVE that Santa. He's the best!"
So, in a bit of surprise I say
"Oh? Why?"
And she kisses the mango and says
"Because he knows I love mangoes more than anything in the world and he chose this one to leave for me"

Aaaahhhh gaaaaaaaawwwssshhhh dammitttt

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