Tuesday, 27 December 2016

DIARY: Modern Child Problems

Kelsey comes crashing into the room. 8:30am trying to have a lie in. 
Imagine this spoken in a very rushed, angry, frustrated, lispy 6 year old whisper: 

"Maahaaam! Savanna and I are in her world in the *insert Minecraft descriptive word for a place or time I have no idea* and we had to choose what we wanted so I chose cookies and a cake because I wanted cookies and a cake but Savanna knew this mod so she chose a diamond sword but I want a diamond sword but I have cookies and cake and no sword so then I said thats! not! fair! and Savanna said I! Can't! Deal! with you right now! So she glitched me out the gaaaaaame!!!"

*throws self face down on the bed*

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