Tuesday, 27 December 2016

DIARY: Holding On

I learned a valuable lesson from my six year old this week. In this very photograph actually.

We spend our lives letting go.

Letting go of our love for ourselves, letting go of friends and family when they no longer serve our purposes, we let go of our dreams when the hills become steeper and the dream takes on weight and substance, we let go of our values and beliefs just to please others...

We let go.

My little girl who is/was afraid of getting water on her face or in her eyes, yesterday removed her goggles and went underwater. The whoops of joy and pride when she surfaced after opening her eyes underwater - was just priceless.

I offered to let her ride on my back as I dived deep into the water almost across the pool, she accepted and I felt her little hands scrunching up my rashie vest. We dove off and I imagined her serenely rising behind me... Until I saw the photograph that my young friend Brandon took with his "NoPro" camera...

My goodness!

Her expression is amazing!

She is, at that very moment, conquering a lifelong fear and doing what she thought she never would... And it's beautiful to see the joy and happiness on her face.

What new thing will YOU accomplish?
What "will not" are you going to embrace?
Be brave.
Don't let go.
Ride like Kelsey into the deep!

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