Tuesday, 6 September 2016

FASHION: Wearable Mandalas by Jamie Robertson

Ok, so I have found something so pretty and wearable in Gosford! There is no shortage of talented creative folk on the Central Coast NSW, but I have not seen such personal pretty wearable art in a while (other than the phenomenal headwhere designs of Bhenjamin Phraser

I have a very talented designer friend called Jamie Robertson, and she showed me one of her Mandalas on Monday night. 

It reminded me of the glass designs that I saw at the MURANO Glass factory while in Venice
Heaps of fine detail and lots of pretty colours to suit a few outfits! 

 Jamie is visiting us from the USA and her sweet personality and goodness just flow from these beautiful Mandalas. 

These wearable mandalas are hand-coloured and glazed with a high-gloss resin.  

Each piece is original OOAK and custom pieces are available.  

I love the attention to detail and the colour combinations! 

Custom orders can be made in any colour combinations that you choose. 

These are sure to be a conversation starter! 

Contact Designer Jamie Robertson for further details, or stop by the Rhythm Hut in Gosford to see them in person!

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