Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Deity Album

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

HEALTH: Homeopathy

Arnica is amazing. Homeopathy is also amazing. And before people chirp... I gave birth to two babies, 3.5kg and 3.8kg, first one in 4hrs of active labour and the second in 40minutes. Yes, minutes. Both without any pain relief. And yes, it hurt like a *Samuel L Jackson quote*

The response to these homeopathic remedies given by Cheryl Ann Rowe and Annie Windell were instantaneous, and no, they didn't tell me what they were for when they administered them. My body and mind (yes, my emotions and thoughts) changed positively every time.
I was often unaware of them giving them to me as I was very preoccupied...

People are quick to tease and joke, but I also had a very very ill husband, who had hip reconstruction to the balljoint of his shattered hip, he had a snapped collar bone and a racing heart condition (tachycardia arrhythmia) he woke on the first night home and we realised that the hospital had not given him adequate pain meds. As in, there were none. He had a 20cm scar with metal staples down his leg. His ball joint was filled with nails holding the fragments of bone together.He was in agony. I gave him Traumeel homeopathic medicine and he slept comfortably until morning, and was able to travel to the hospital for collarbone surgery with just the traumeel assisting.

I've seen first hand how arnica breaks up and heals bruises (I bruise like a Natasha Bedingfield song)

I find the part in the article below, where the Arnica trials and benefits were "never published" when will people understand the ugly monster that is the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Shooting Star Music Video feat. Kelsey Bigara

This is a video clip of a #freestyle dance performance given by my then 5 year old, Kelsey, in a dance competition. She was the youngest dancer and stayed true to her free style.

Her idol is Maddie Ziegler and she rehearsed this dance on her own. I stand behind her 100% and say GO GIRL! I hope to see her dance many more times in this lifetime xx

The song is Shooting star, from my Deity album, available at and the song was written for and about Kelsey.