Tuesday, 26 April 2016

HEALTH: Sulphur and Sulphite Sensitivity

On Thursday evening I was exhausted emotionally and physically (understandably) and decided to make my life easier by buying a lovely pasta sauce, some home style meatballs and spaghetti.
Cue 1am in the morning and I wake up shivering violently, moaning and hallucinating and in so much bodily pain I thought I was dying. 
Sulphites, Sulphur 223 to be exact. The one label in 20 that I did not check.
Thanks to my reading over the years we managed to treat it with Magnesium, Epsom salt and Charcoal and by morning I was fine (miraculous considering it used to knock me out for over a week)
Chocolate makes me sore.
Meat hurts my stomach.
Milks and Yogurts and Cheeses make my hair and nails grown strong and fast.
Fermented food smells make me literally gag, and more.

I went to a dinner party and watched with some sadness as people happily enjoyed Balsamic vinegar and other food types that I just can't safely enjoy. Drinking drinks I can never have. So unfair sometimes (let me gripe - I hardly ever do)
Having a sensitive gut, a very sensitive palate (certain food types make me gag and when I read up on the Blood Type Diet they are all in the "not good for you" category) other skin and asthma triggering allergies, IBS and Sulphite allergy (life threatening) it is incredibly hard for me to follow any "diet" whether it be Paleo or Banting etc etc. eating is a sensitive and stressful affair for me. 
Tonight I downloaded "20 healthy Paleo Smoothies"... after reading just 6 of them I sadly closed the document. Half were firmly in the gag reflex zone, and the others contained elements that trigger my sulphite allergy.
Guess I will just have to keep on with my healthy eating, more exercise and no junk - have been very good since October last year. ‪#‎HaveToPushOn‬‪#‎FeelingSad‬
Do any of you have any food issues or allergies?

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