Tuesday, 26 April 2016

POLITICS: The Truth About Wealth Distribution in South Africa

Ask yourself. Why does JZ lie? 
Why does the Government of South Africa want the people to be segregated racially and at war with one-another? WHY does the ANC want the black youth and black people to feel less than they are? All his words do is demotivate the youth and cause friction and tension. 
So why? 
To create diversion while Government steals and pillages from the SA money pile? So many questions and not enough answers.

Read the full report HERE.

"Whites account for under 9% of the SA population. As a consequence of history and efforts of world class entrepreneurs, their slice of the economy is around double that. That’s a long way from 93%. But their share is also falling fast as discriminatory laws make whites feel increasingly unwelcome in their homeland, encouraging emigration or the export of capital."
"Take Zuma’s often repeated claim that black South Africans own just 3% of the economy – an intimation that “white capital” still dominates in the area where it matters. As a TimBukOne analysis of the JSE Top 40 shareholder registers revealed, almost half the equity of SA’s biggest companies is held by foreign investors. The JSE’s own research went broader to show of local ownership in these businesses, over half is black owned."

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