Saturday, 9 January 2016

DIARY: Stop The Negative In Your Online Life

After seeing a viral video of an "asshole attacks breastfeeding mother on a train" with hundreds of thousands of shares, thousands of comments of how the perpetrator should die, people naming him, sharing his details etc. I opened YouTube and saw after searching, that it was from a stunt for a shock show. Someone edited the clip and posted it as a real life situation.
Thousands were emotionally affected by this video. Thousands upset and hurt and distraught.
No more.
So, yesterday and today I spent the day unfollowing fb contacts who post inflammatory and fear mongering posts.
Not unfriending. Just unfollowing - I don't dislike THEM, they're just caught in a negative cycle that I don't want a part of. I removed most of my South African news pages (fear mongering and racist posts causing more distress) because I have trustworthy friends on Facebook who post relevant thoughts and perspectives - I'd rather participate in discussions or follow on news articles through them.
I joined one African based group (so far) named after a very wise religious/spiritual/philosophical leader and wow! Seeing white black coloured you-name-it's all being supportive and engaging in dynamic and real discussions about race and sex and gender equality.
Just those two - the removals and an addition, has changed my Facebook experience.
I also removed people who have never connected with me in a positive way, only when there are negative posts or discussions- keyboard warriors. And people who have always either rejected me or tried to make me feel 'less' - gone. Liberating.

Also added a lot of Aussie pages and news sources, time to step away from the old and towards the new.

What changes are you making this year my friends? Sometimes we get stuck and dont realise that we are in charge of what we allow into our minds and hearts.

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