Wednesday, 20 January 2016

DIARY: Parenting

I had to have one of "those talks" with my two girls today in the car, in the driveway, them all clipped in and nowhere to go - after dropping off half of our belongings at Nanna's house (we're staying with family while we look for a house and are returning after a month away house sitting)
You know that talk?
The one where your face screws up like you've eaten a sour-worm, and your voice cracks just a bit (dramatic effect) and you inform your sweet faced children that if they do "that" again (in this case - completely ignoring my repeated requests to come to the car so we could go) just because their precious Nanna is nearby (you know how children always push it when they're in front of friends or family?), they will both have verrrry creative punishment until they start listening to me again. They both nodded solemly and said "Yes mum" - even though I know I'm going to have to be a TyrannosaurMum until they settle back in... #sigh

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