Sunday, 15 November 2015

EXPATS: You Have Been Stripped of Your Nationality

If you buy a new dress, make sure that you never, ever mention or question the old dress that you once wore. Don't post photos of the old dress and please, don't mention that your new dress fits you better.

If you own a Canon camera and then sell that and buy a Kodak, don't EVER mention the difference between the two in any forums or on facebook.

If you sell your house and buy a new one, don't you dare celebrate your new kitchen or windows, making the rest of your friends (still in their old houses) feel bad.

If you decide that you prefer an off road bike to a road bike - don't even think about mentioning the fact that you are happier off road, or that you feel more at home with the people in the off road biking community.

If you move from Durban to Joburg, don't ever ever ever post photos or status's about the beauty of your new area, don't comment in dismay or alarm when you read news articles about your home town, don't read the status updates or blog posts of people from Durban - you live in Joburg so it really has nothing to do with you - right? If Joburg is doing something right, don't you dare suggest it to your Durban friends. Durban is no longer your problem.

And, apparently, from status's written by friends, well educated individuals, if you decide to make the harrowing and expensive journey to try an adventure in a foreign land, don't you ever, ever, ever pretend that you once lived in your old country. When you walk onto that plane, an invisible force strips you of your nationality (your documentation stating that you are South African is a lie) and you become this half-being. Tolerated as long as you only say WOW! and OOH! about the South African situation. Don't look at statistics, don't worry about your loved ones. Don't comment in support of loved ones who have been attacked etc etc back home - South Africa is no longer your problem. Right?


Being told by people staying in South Africa to "humble yourself" and stop being "high and mighty" when you post an article about farm murder and show distress for the horrific situation leading to the murder, or heaven forbid, you mention that you are grateful to not live in fear! The saffa's come out swinging!

No, I am not "lucky" or "one of the lucky ones" to have left the country, we as a family made huge sacrifices in order to move. We sold and / or lost almost all of our worldly possessions in order to afford to move. We homeschooled our small children while both running companies, we ate rice and cheap vegetables for a year - no meat for us meateaters. We saved every cent. We wore hand me down and old holey clothing. We didn't go to the hairdressers... We worked almost 18hr days seven days a week saving up all we had.
I may be dodging roo's and drop-bears on my way to the billabong but by F__K I am South African, and
I will BITCH and MOAN about anything that I see happening in MY HOME LAND.

Anyone who has an issue with me being myself, being open, honest, non-racial, non-sexist, anti-corruption, anti-fireworks, then by all means... Just waltz your matilda over to the unfollow or unfriend button - it's right there under my cover image.

So sick and tired of this nonsense. Grow up!

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