Sunday, 15 November 2015

COMMENTARY: The Uncaring Western Media and Terrorism. Not Really.

Firstly: I am proudly South African (proud of the heritage, beauty and people of my country – not proud of the corruption and mismanagement of my country) and so, please allow me to speak from another country’s perspective.
Secondly: Please see this article before you feel the need to tell me that South Africa is no longer my business.

I see a lot of my fellow South African's on Facebook becoming upset over the "World" or “Western” media's non reaction to the events happening in Africa and particularly in South Africa. (PS. Why has the northern hemisphere and Australia become known as “Western” - They are NORTHERN and SOUTHERN, not WESTERN, and Western has become another word for “White” which is also incorrect of these areas on our globe.)

Please get out a pen and paper and write a letter of thanks to Zuma, there is very little news coming OUT of South Africa. The only way I find out what is going on, is because I had 'liked' the local papers while living in SA and so, see them in my newsfeed. And the news is very seldom positive (so ask yourselves: Why do expats always comment negatively – when all they see is ‘the worst’ when they read down their timeline?)

In the mainstream media internationally, each country has their own problems, their own news, their own murders and car crashes, their own natural disasters. The newspapers are full.

The reason the Paris attacks have gone "Viral" is because of the Journalists and Foreign Correspondents in France - they have been active in sending out articles globally. It is something that has to be physically ‘done’ . Now, in South Africa there was a law passed - if I am correct - that placed a very scary and heavy burden on Journalists in SA. There is the threat of jail time for any articles that would possibly expose corruption etc. etc. So perhaps it is these restrictions that hamper international news sharing – or it leaves international papers wondering if they are being fed propaganda (when they receive positive news).

There are also many news types that are not allowed to be seen (I can't remember what the word for that is) for example there are 45 murders per DAY in South Africa - why are they not mentioned in the news every day with shock and outrage? Why is the media quiet? There have been approx 4000 Farm "multiple" Murders documented - so there have been 4000 families wiped out.

Zero coverage.
Apart from a few zealous Farm Murder websites.
And Carte Blanch that time.

Zero outrage.
Apart from Steve and his 1 million.

The number of rapes of South African women is also ridiculously high - the media don't even mention it. All of those beautiful resilient African ladies broken and shamed, inpregnated and infected. Imagine the sheer scale of reporting papers would have to do if they had to commit to mentioning each case?
There is an assault on ALL South Africans, physically in some cases, psychologically in many cases, on a daily basis. Each cultural group has their own pressures and struggles - but I am telling you - the world does not hear about you, nor see you.
Not often.

And that is not the fault of the "World" or “Western” media - South African journos need to stand up, draw on the strength and anger that spurred on the Journo’s who fought against Apartheid, and start building connections and networks with the larger papers internationally – building trust and relationship with Editors and Newsmakers - South Africa needs to take responsibility for spreading it's own news outside of it's borders.

Remember the Who's in Whoville who had to all shout to be heard? "We're here! We're here!" - South Africa is WORTHY of attention.  

I have heard of South Africa ONCE in 6 months - and it was on an art radio station - and the DJ had recorded it from Facebook, Zuma was speaking in isiZulu and the DJ offered no translation. Why? I can tell you now – it’s not because no one is interested. There’s just no news coming through. I have purposefully spoken to as many people as possible about South Africa, explaining its beauty and its sadness – only one person had heard of South Africa.
Heard of it.
She knew South Africans living in Sydney.
She had healthy respect for us as a nation.

I have seen images of famous land marks across the world lit up in blue white and red - where is the Cradle of mankind lit up? The Durban stadium or city hall? Table Mountain? South Africa doesn't reach out in solidarity or share images of such solidarity with world media - so why are people surprised when there is no such reciprocation?
A way to get attention is to reach out and DO something. The world looked at us during 2010 and saw a shining happy place, that image has remained in their psyche.

I see people online saying “Why is Paris getting so much attention?” and I say this – again, it’s about word getting OUT from those affected countries, landing in the right persons inbox or landline or cellphone messages, it’s about a relationship between Journos and News providers. What you are seeing is not a massive reaction to “White people being killed” it’s a fantastic display of an efficient news distribution team – which, done correctly as it has been done – mobilizes the masses. It’s phenomenal. It’s evidence of HOW powerful online media is – how quickly did our facebook profile photos turn rainbow earlier? How quickly did they turn red, white and blue? That is evidence of the power of communication.
There are plenty of articles about the other Terrorist bombings and attacks, If you google the word “Terror attacks 2015” you will see a host of articles covering the different nations – bear in mind that google is also programmed to show you the most read news first, it’s an anti-racial computerized program and not at all personal - so don’t post little “rants” on Facebook accusing the world of being “Western Oriented” – it’s bull.
Just pure bull.

And so, I will not be putting any filter of any flag or colour over my Facebook profile picture. Simply because it has become a tit-for-tat ridiculous affair. 

I would say #RantOver but then I’d have to punch myself in the face.

EXPATS: You Have Been Stripped of Your Nationality

If you buy a new dress, make sure that you never, ever mention or question the old dress that you once wore. Don't post photos of the old dress and please, don't mention that your new dress fits you better.

If you own a Canon camera and then sell that and buy a Kodak, don't EVER mention the difference between the two in any forums or on facebook.

If you sell your house and buy a new one, don't you dare celebrate your new kitchen or windows, making the rest of your friends (still in their old houses) feel bad.

If you decide that you prefer an off road bike to a road bike - don't even think about mentioning the fact that you are happier off road, or that you feel more at home with the people in the off road biking community.

If you move from Durban to Joburg, don't ever ever ever post photos or status's about the beauty of your new area, don't comment in dismay or alarm when you read news articles about your home town, don't read the status updates or blog posts of people from Durban - you live in Joburg so it really has nothing to do with you - right? If Joburg is doing something right, don't you dare suggest it to your Durban friends. Durban is no longer your problem.

And, apparently, from status's written by friends, well educated individuals, if you decide to make the harrowing and expensive journey to try an adventure in a foreign land, don't you ever, ever, ever pretend that you once lived in your old country. When you walk onto that plane, an invisible force strips you of your nationality (your documentation stating that you are South African is a lie) and you become this half-being. Tolerated as long as you only say WOW! and OOH! about the South African situation. Don't look at statistics, don't worry about your loved ones. Don't comment in support of loved ones who have been attacked etc etc back home - South Africa is no longer your problem. Right?


Being told by people staying in South Africa to "humble yourself" and stop being "high and mighty" when you post an article about farm murder and show distress for the horrific situation leading to the murder, or heaven forbid, you mention that you are grateful to not live in fear! The saffa's come out swinging!

No, I am not "lucky" or "one of the lucky ones" to have left the country, we as a family made huge sacrifices in order to move. We sold and / or lost almost all of our worldly possessions in order to afford to move. We homeschooled our small children while both running companies, we ate rice and cheap vegetables for a year - no meat for us meateaters. We saved every cent. We wore hand me down and old holey clothing. We didn't go to the hairdressers... We worked almost 18hr days seven days a week saving up all we had.
I may be dodging roo's and drop-bears on my way to the billabong but by F__K I am South African, and
I will BITCH and MOAN about anything that I see happening in MY HOME LAND.

Anyone who has an issue with me being myself, being open, honest, non-racial, non-sexist, anti-corruption, anti-fireworks, then by all means... Just waltz your matilda over to the unfollow or unfriend button - it's right there under my cover image.

So sick and tired of this nonsense. Grow up!

ENCOURAGEMENT: Newton and the Women

I wrote this for a young friend, a clever, talented, motivated, inspired recent school-leaver African Queen, or Black Queen as she calls herself (and I agree with her ) - and I just wanted to share it with you. This is for my girls, my friends, my women and sisters, mums and aunts... and for me.
My powerful, clever, sweet woman. Live your life according to Newtons Laws:
“An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” (In life you may become overwhelmed and tired emotionally and physically, even spiritually. Unbalanced force may sound bad, but sometimes it can be a good thing and spur you on to greatness)
"Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass of the object being accelerated, the greater the amount of force needed to accelerate the object." (To make a difference takes effort. The higher you want to go, the harder you’ll have to work at it.)
"For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action", for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction. That is to say that whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally hard.(As you rise up as a powerful woman, there will be forces and people who conspire to break you down, remind you of ‘your place’ and try to crush your dreams. Sometimes they don’t even know that they are doing it. When you feel that push against you… push harder.)
P.S. To my menfolk - thank you for all that you do, as friends, brothers, fathers, husbands and uncles - to support, motivate, accommodate and uplift us womenfolk. Keep it up. The change in global mindset and gender imbalance begins with a simple action, which lays the foundation for more... if we could all wish only for the best, to see our friends rise up to their fullest potential - and DO what it takes to assist them to that potential.
What a world.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

URGENT: Wayne Scott Fundraiser - Balance Still Needed For Treatment

Please make a donation - no matter how small: 
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This is the most recent photograph of Wayne Scott and Andre Scott. 
A letter from Andre Scott: 

"Dear Friends,

With ongoing prayers, tremendous support, kindness and donations of so many people and through various fundraising initiatives we are now only R32,000 (ZAR) ($2,312) short of our original total goal of R395,000 ($28,538) which is incredible!

Please make a donation - no matter how small: 
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R395,000 ($28,538) is the cost of the co-payment for this treatment (that will prepare Wayne's state of health to be acceptable for a bone-marrow transplant.) We urgently need this balance in order to go ahead with the treatment." 

Please make a donation - no matter how small: 
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