Thursday, 8 October 2015

VOCAL COACHING: Sandy Bigara Vocal Coaching at The Rhythm Hut Gosford



Sandy Bigara Vocal Coaching

Bel Canto Method - Suits all styles! 
Monday 19th October - Monday 7th December
SHOWCASE Saturday 12th December 
$30p/p per week
Lectures and Vocal Workshops each week
@ The Rhythm Hut - 135 Faunce street, Gosford
Parking available. 
Bring pen and writing pad / note book or tablet. 

Sandy Bigara (34) a performing artist newly moved to the Central Coast - has been an active vocal coach since 1999, she was the Artistic Director and Conductor of multiple choirs (High School, Senior Primary and Junior Primary, as well as being assistant Conductor for the KZN National Choir on their international tour in 1999) and was Music & Drama teacher at two schools in South Africa before launching her Arts company full time.
Sandy incorporates stand up comedy and humour in her own musical performances, and so classes are usually filled with a lot of laughter and positive encouragement.
Sandy teaches the Bel Canto method of singing, which serves as a platform for multiple genres of performance. Sandy has trained Pop singers, Idols contestants, Jazz singers, Afro-Pop singers, a performer for The Phantom of the Opera (Raoul and the Phantom) as well as Starlight Express and South Africa’s “Troy” in the High School Musical national touring show. Sandy has even trained a grunge rock singer with one working ear drum…

She was chosen as the Vivacious Voice singing coach for Durban (other centres were in Johannesburg and Capetown) and enjoyed success and good relationship with her singing students there.

The method that is taught is a well-structured mash-up of lessons and courses that Sandy has experienced in her twenty year professional singing career. Having trained and worked alongside some of the Southern Hemispheres greatest talents – 6 years performing under the baton of Gerard’d DuToit, musical ambassador to the Northern Hemisphere – World Choir Games, Operatic training with Marc Poupard (UKZN Music Coach) and Coleen Philp (UKZN Opera School) and master class with Emma Renzi, Sandy has many anecdotes and life experiences that make her classes both educational and interesting. 

Classes start at 6:45pm on the 19th October 2015, until December 7th 2015, the Showcase will be on the 12th December. Space is limited – to book your place there is a non-refundable deposit of $20, to book email sandy via the contact form on her website - you can hear Sandy perform HERE or visit her website HERE for her full working history. 

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