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PAY IT FORWARD: Devon Goosen Ice Hockey Fundraiser


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Our son is 7 years old and his name is Devon.  He is a smart and well behaved boy who has never given us any problems whatsoever. He was on the Honor Roll in school for 1st grade. He never got anything lower than a B. He loves to read and study spelling words :-) He won the 1st grade spelling bee! We are really proud!

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He has a passion that started in an afterschool program at his school. From the pic you saw, you guessed it! HOCKEY! His school had an afterschool field hockey program. He fell in love the minute he touched the stick! He started to practice at home (we bought him a starting set - stick and puck). He showed so much interest! He eats, sleeps and dreams HOCKEY! we slowly got him things to help him practice, roller blades (roller hockey), sticks and pucks, knee pads and more. He practiced outside all the time and gained more and more friends at the hockey rink in the park. 
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    For his 7th birthday, we had his party at the ice skating rink! He immediately loved the ice! Everything came so natural to him! He was fast and ready to learn. We started him in learn to skate classes which he advanced in really fast! One minute he was in the first class and the next in Hockey 101. We got him pads and all and he was ready to go.  He also spent all his birthday money to buy his own ice skates! He started practicing everything he could, off ice, on his roller blades. We don't live close to the ice skating rink so when we cant go, he practices off ice. He showed great improvement and the coaches moved him up fast and said he had true talent for it. He loves it so much. So much that he wakes up for his saturday class at 7a.m. ready to go!

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   As you all might know, hockey is an expensive sport. We have been getting by becuase I have been doing my best to give him a shot at doing what he loves. His hocey 201 classes can be paid per class at $32 per class/week. I also try to take him to open ice skate in order for him to practice which also costs a bit. He has advanced so quickly and after the current class he is in now (Hockey 201) they get to be in a real recreational team! He has been waiting for this the whole time! He has a friend that he practices with all the time! They both love it! Well we found out that the team which is called MITES is $900 (if you pay early in August 2015) or $1,000 (if you pay a little later in August) . We really want this for our son because he has shown true dedication and passion for this sport. We are so proud of him! I will post a link with videos soon!

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   We are asking for help with his dream. Anything you can give will help him. We really want to get him on this team. If they move him up out of this class (hockey 201) we have to be ready to pay that cost. We will really appreciate this so much! My son will be so happy.  He will also be extra happy when he see's how many people are supporting him in his dream! Thank you so much for the help! Thank you for your time as well :-)

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The Mite Maple Leafs have won most of their games, they are 2nd in standings out of 6 teams.

Devon is really enjoying it, please tell your friends and share this gofundme page.

We need help.

From monthly payments for being on the team, to maybe starting some private lessons.

Thanks so much :)

- Cynthia, Riaan and of course our hockey boy DEVON!

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