Tuesday, 6 October 2015

MUSIC: The Strongest One by Sandy Bigara

This is the first song on my Fountain of Youth anthology of songs CD - written when I was a teenager and young adult between 1995 and 2004.

The idea was to record the songs "As I remember them" so the guitar is a little dreamy and distorted (as it sounds in my recollections when I sit and remember a time in the far distance) and the vocals are exact copies of the harmonies that my friends would sing with me. I was blessed to have very talented and musical friends in high school, we would sit and sing together, perform my songs in competitions and assemblies. Recording their harmonies was surreal. So many memories and laughter. So many beautiful voices inside my head - of young women who are now spread out around the globe. 

The History of the Song
I wrote this song when I was 16 or so. My family was being torn apart by mental illness (my Father RIP suffered severe head trauma that irreparably altered his personality and caused the ultimate break up of our family unit) and divorce. My sister and I would sit and sing while I played the guitar - if I had not had my guitar there is a very strong chance that I would have ended my life. The harmonies you hear are the ones that she made up (sung by me in studio) This song got us through some very tough times and put into words how my sister and I felt at the time. 

Remember that being strong doesn't mean shouldering the entire burden, being strong is knowing when to ask for help. When to share the load. 

Hope you enjoy it. 

The Lyrics
You can hear the song HERE 

Feels like I'm spinning. 
Out of control. 
My life is so full of emotion. 

I need some support. 
Someone who cares. 
I need you right here, 
Beside me...

I need to feel your love...
Pushing me on into the light. 
I need to hear your voice... 
Telling me to be stronger. 

My cup runneth over, 
I can't take that much more. 
I need understanding and devotion. 

Give me the strength, 
Not to stand all alone. 
I need to be the strongest one, 
Around here... 

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