Thursday, 1 October 2015

DIARY: Seize The Moment

Seize the moment... and by moment, I mean cupcakes.

So today I had a breakthrough.

So often in my lifetime of seeing wasted lives and wasted gifts (my creative, musical and talented Dad) and people crushed by the decisions that they have made. I have asked myself for as long as I can remember: What is our purpose. Why do we wake up every day, sleep every night, make dinner after breakfast after lunch repeat repeat... Why do we raise our children generation after generation through time, why do we grieve, only for our loved ones to be forgotten with the passing of time... and today it hit me between the eyes.

We do it for the moments. The 'MOMENTS' - you know them? When you are talking to your children and suddenly notice how beautiful the colours of their eyes are... you see those tiny flecks and spots of colour and amazing detail... when you see the sun setting and you have to stop and really take it in. When you sink into your bed at night. When you meet an elderly stranger over in the veggie aisle and they say kind words, drop a word of wisdom into your lap - leaving you wondering.

Life is about the million moments that we can either notice and appreciate, or gloss over and lose... For me I asked myself, why do I do it? Why do I sing, practice, spend money on sound etc Why do I make things? paint, sew? why? It's all meaningless really. But, when I had my realisation, I can have so many 'moments' during each creative process, celebrate each new step achieved, each new little creation, each new song. I can seek out the moments within each new client or audience, make friends, laugh - connect. It isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. We can be broke, we can be flush, we can be sick and tired and broken inside - but we can make the choice to seek out the moments.

I cried in the car outside a store in West Gosford, I made the choice today, to take each moment. Draw the essence out of each moment. Will you join me?

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