Thursday, 11 June 2015

Foodie Review: MyCafe Jwa at Erina Fair, NSW Australia

This week and last week were like an episode of Punk’d that just wouldn’t end. Firstly my dad-in-law was rushed to hospital, and then I fell ill again with another Sulphur/IBS reaction that pretty much KO’d me for the entirelong weekend. Then Kelsey landed herself a lovely virus that draped itself over both Francis and myself… Panadol has practically been one of the five food groups this week. But, despite being mildly unhinged and suffering with a bout of ‘bad hair’ (my mane is uncontrollable) I launched my youtube channel officially with my Diva Diaries series, and started to roll out my new Vocal Coaching and GaiaFay Dolls plan. #eek

After dropping the girls off at school, I was all on my own for the first time in 2 weeks, and I didn’t feel like a troll. So... this morning I decided to spoil myself with a hot cuppa and some breakfast at Erina Fair's MyCafe Jwa, in Erina NSW (near Sydney) they are situated outside Coles – it was JUST what the Doctor ordered!

When we had first arrived in Australia I popped by MyCafe Jwa’s take out and bought banana bread, and a gluten free chocolate brownie/slice – They were moist, tasty and filled me up nicely. Seeing my husband tearing the paper bag to get at the crumbs was a good sign! So I wanted to go back to experience their sit down meals.

At the café, you order your meal at their counter, pay, and then return to your table with a number on a flag. I found the service both times to be friendly, efficient and they accept card or cash.

Um... My Cappuccino just arrived... Gimme a minute to get my coffee 'stache on...

Oh my word. Bitter. Sweet. Just hot enough not to burn your lips on the first sip... I'm sold! Their tag line is "from the tree to the cup" and this is just lovely. You know during the month when you can’t afford the real good stuff, so you buy Alcafe?… and you pretend that it’s nice coffee but you know it’s not? Well, this is NOT like that. This is such thick, lush, lip-smacking good coffee! Good on ya MyCafe Jwa!

Ok, wait now… the waiter is coming… it’s my brekkie that I ordered! I ordered the Beef and Tomato Turkish. Just give me a moment please…

My first thoughts: This is like being fed by your favourite Nanna... It’s cheesy, tomato-y and beefy flavours just rolling off your tongue. Not too oily, not too dry, the bread is soft enough to cut through easily but still has that little bit of a crisp edge to it. Tomato is flavourful and soft, beef falling apart… no sawing through this sandwich!

I wished that I had more time - I would have definitely ended my meal with something sweet from their selection of baked goods. Next time!  

Thank you for a pleasant dining experience guys, I will most definitely be back for another taste of something yummy from MyCafe Jwa!

Take care xx

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