Wednesday, 15 April 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Spur vs Sulphur Allergy (Spoiler alert: Spur wins)

When you have a life threatening alergy, it isn't a great deal of fun, I won't lie. It sucks, mostly.

In my case, my body cells cannot convert sulphites to sulphase. Sulphites (preservatives found in most foods) inhibit cellular activity, while sulphase encourages cellular activity with pompoms, kind words, and motivational pictures of sunsets with white cursive text placed over them. I'm not sure about that last bit. The last time I Wikipedia'd any symptoms for anything I had (a cold), I realized that I was in fact dying from numerous inoperable illnesses and almost curled up and gave up on life. But that was pre-banting, and the cold left-over pizza in the fridge encouraged me to get my ass out of bed and live! Dammit! Liiiive!

Totally over dramatic. I apologize. Back to my point. Which is that sulphur will most likely kill me. Furreals.

We have small kids, two female tornados who never stop swirling, even in sleep. So, like most tired and doting parents, we go to Spur. If sulphur had a homeland, it would most probably be every steakhouse in the world, with Spur as its Alpine Ski Resort of sticky barbeque goodness. So we have a problem, I like me some finger licking barbeque buffalo wings, but they can put me into a coma. I had steak strips in tomato sauce and 'slept' ("slept" see: hallucinated that mystical wild creatures were in my room) for almost two weeks in December. Not the best. Especially seeing as I was in the middle of Directing and Producing a 6 week run of The Princess & the Frog at the Catalina Theatre at the time!  I nearly croaked.
See what I did there?
Because of the frog pla... Never mind.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed when I ventured fearfully back inside a Spur was that they have an amazing app available that lists ingredients of every meal. After being told by at least 3 other big brand restaurants: Wimpy, MacDonalds and KFC, that they didn't know at all whether there was Sulphur Dioxide in their food and couldn't help me - I was hella stoked to be able to just look it up. Unfortunately, until recently I was a Blackberry user and so, every time I needed my phone to use the app I'd get the black square spinning thinger and my battery would go from 80% to dead in the time it took to load the app. Thanks RIM.

Luckily, the people at Spur are legitimately made up of 110% awesomesauce, because at each of the following Spurs I had Managers, Cooks, Owners and Waiters do their absolute best to accommodate my needs, and prepare me tasty meals that wouldn't send me to Jesusville.

Miami Spur, Contact Number 031-5611370, Email:, 44 Lagoon Dr. Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, 4319, KZN

Mustang Spur, Contact Number 031-2028040, Email:, Shop 300, Musgrave Centre, 115 Musgrave Rd, Musgrave, Durban, 4001, KZN

Maxwell and team at Casadena Spur, Contact Number 031-3051650, Email:, Shop 20, Wilson's Wharf, 14 - 18 Boatsman Rd. Albert Park, Durban, 4001, KZN

Pearl and team at Daytona Spur, Contact Number 031-3324032, Email:, Sun Coast Casino, Battery Beach Rd. Stamford Hill, Durban, 4025, KZN

I just want to send out a BIG Diva THANK YOU! To the Spur family. Well done guys, you show me what real hospitality is all about.

(Pictured: my husbands crumbed chicken burger and soya burger with salad (Mondays special two for the price of one burger deal) and my meal, sulphur free (and salad free... salad is eeeevil) meal. It was tasty and I could only get through half! My girls demolished in the rest!)

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