Thursday, 2 April 2015

MUSIC: Annie Bonsignore on the Rise in Canada

You know, when you are young, you sometimes don't see the incredible things around you... and when you are older, you look back and marvel at the talented individuals that you had the privilege of knowing. Annie Bonsignore is one such person. 

Annie and I grew up together in Durban North, playing in the school playground at Chelsea Prep (then Northway) and then Chelsea Drive SP and then at Northlands Girls High. We both loved to sing and performed together countless times from about the age of 7. Annie mum Jenny Bonsignore is a well known and respected music teacher and choir Director at NGHS with an impressive history behind her. Did you ever watch The Sound of Music? Well, the Bonsignores are like the Von Trapps - minus the whole 'running away from Austria and climbing over the Alps, being chased by Nazi's' and stuff... 

Want to read more? Including awesome links to Annie's music... 

Click HERE

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