Thursday, 26 March 2015

FASHION: New in South Africa - Sammi Gomez Wooden Eyewear

Sammi Gomez Wooden Eyewear (SG Wooden Eyewear) is an optical boutique that specializes in up-to-date fashioned eyewear. We offer our customers the most fashionable, stylish wooden eyewear with a selection of the top quality hardwoods. 

We are also proud to introduce the Stone eyewear in the Jaek Collection.  Our eyewear is personally designed by Sammi [Founder/designer] & Anni [co-founder/production manager], and then handcrafted to perfection! Not one pair of our handcrafted eyewear is alike, so each is unique and special.

Also keeping it proudly South African, SG Wooden Eyewear get all of their supplies from within South Africa. We use Shweshwe material for our eyewear pouches and proudly keep it African!

“Precision is measured by MillimetresPerfection is measured with Passion!” – Anni Gomez
Our glasses are made from:
* Spring nickle hinges and other stainless steel hinges
* CR-39 Polarised lens supplied by Chad’s Mini Lab
* Exotic hardwoods like imbuia, kiaat, walnut, reclaim deck wood and meranti
* Laminated exotic woods: Ebony, Zebrano, Maple, Walnut, Wenge, African Teak, Brown & white Kiaat / All brown Kiaat, Maple Ice Tree
* Strong vibrant Shweshwe material for our pouches
* Eco friendly and the sealer we use is Rubio Monocoat. It is Eco-friendly because it has no solvents, water or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Like what you see? SG Wooden Eyewear will be announcing a FREE GIVE AWAY soon on their facebook page!

1- THE KENT -  a classic Wayfarer style which Tom Cruise made a legend in Top Gun.

2- THE MILO - going away from the wayfarer style to a slightly roundish feeling, we call this fellow the 'mafia' of our eyewear look.

3- THE HYDE - an old classic that use to be called John Lennon glasses at one point, this fellow suits most faces & gives you that 'intelligent' look.

4- THE JACKAL  -  a new design which is too stylish to describe. This is our famous Jackal, which is taking people by storm. Everybody wants their hands on this fellow...

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