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In my lifetime, performing from the age of 4 and then as a touring singer from the age of 14, I had the opportunity to climb waterfalls, I've walked through brand new forests (3 -10 years old), I've experienced singing with our state choir inside the Sudwala and Cango Caves where the total darkness - and I mean absolute pitch blackness - is so complete that it takes your breath away... I have swam in rivers, touched the murky bottoms of lagoons (where they caught a croc a week later!!), met some friendly leeches inside lakes, bathed in warm rock pools while starfish winked at me from the rock shelves below... I've hiked mountain ranges and raced horses over mountain tops. This song was inspired by those memories. 

I am an Opera and Vintage Blues/Jazz singer so this is really not my usual singing style!! BUT the song style is simple, I was very young when it was written, and spent a lot of time playing my guitar in my room - I decided to not commercialize the sound of the song now - I just recorded it exactly as my friends and I used to perform it. 

Written by myself somewhere between 1994 - 1996 after spending time touring and travelling around my home Country South Africa. I was suddenly aware of things like deforestation, genocide and other atrocities against our world and the people living in it. I can't imagine having those freedoms and nature roughly taken from me. So this is the song of a young teenager who felt the sadness of these issues... 

This song is dedicated to the people of West Papua.

(Listen to the song HERE)

How Long 

May times, I have stood, 
at the top of a waterfall - 
and looked to the pools 
where the water thunders.

Many times I have swam, 
silent pools of crystal water, 
but I cannot help thinking: 
How long will this one last?

Many times I have walked 
through new young forests green, 
where the trees are alive, 
and you get to know yourself.

Many times I have walked 
in a cave all black and beautiful, 
and I cannot help thinking: 
How long will this one last?

Chorus: Waterfalls, Forests gone. 
Silent Crystal waters... 
there's not much at all. 
That's not much at all.

For Free Public use - if directly linked to the support of the Free West Papua Campaign. For more information or to be of use look at the following links:

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