Thursday, 26 March 2015

MUSIC: Msaki - a real South African Gem!

Find Msaki HERE on Facebook
I recently stumbled across a youtube clip that a friend sent me, I had it running in the background while being hyperactive online (as I do) and the gentle soothing vocals and music sort of 'hooked' me... you know how that goes? When you are walking along and something just sort of stops you in your tracks? That usually happens when I walk passed the Easter Egg aisle in January... 

Well, I asked around and managed to get hold of Msaki's media agency Mephisto Media, and they sent me this press release. It seems that Msaki has been a very busy lady - networking and hustling to make incredible music with a host of talented friends surrounding her efforts. 

This is the press release below, perhaps you will be moved to donate towards her crowd funding initiative... (although I doubt that finance will EVER stop this artist from making magic!) I hope you enjoy her sounds and character, I'll be keeping an eye on her for sure...  

Click HERE to read about her amazing music and journey so far.

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