Sunday, 4 January 2015

UPDATE: Jordan's Journey - South African Boy in French Hospital with Brain and Lung Cancer

I recently posted an article about a remarkable young man and his nightmare trip to Europe, you can read about it here to get some perspective. A frightening and horrific experience for any family to endure. Well, I have some great news!, according to Jordan's Journey facebook page:

3rd Jan 2015
Discovery Health have just informed us that they are over turning their previous decision and are now helping and paying for Jordys flight back to Durban!! We would like to thank everyone for all their support & the pressure that they put on discovery...To those who have donated to this, we will be using the money now for the shortfall at the hospital and for the special care that Jordy will need in Durban. If anyone is not happy with this please pm us and we will do our best to refund you asap.

Fantastic news!! 

Jordan during 2014 - so brave during chemo
Within a short while the following posts were up: 

3rd Jan 2015 8pm
Paramedics are at the hospital to escort Jordy to Charles de Gaulle Airport where he will be departing tonight to Johannesburg & then transferred into an ambulance & driven down to Durban...please pray for our boy!

9 hours ago
We would just like to thank everyone for all of your help, love & support throughout this whole horrifically traumatic ordeal.. Jordy has touched down on South African soil & is being transferred by ambulance to Durban.

1 hour ago
Jordan has arrived at the hospital in Durban and is currently in surgical ICU. The doctors are reviewing his scans & we are hopeful that treatment will start ASAP.

There was such an outpouring of support, financially and in other helpful ways, well done world! 

Now we just pray and hope that Jordy has a successful operation and speedy recovery. 

DONATIONS are appreciated - to assist the family with their monstrous medical bills. Cupcakes of hope have offered their account for use - reference JORDAN SMITH. 

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