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SUPPORT: South African Boy in French Hospital with Brain and Lung Cancer - Needs to Fly Home

UPDATE: (Full article here)
3rd Jan 2015 8pm
Paramedics are at the hospital to escort Jordy to Charles de Gaulle Airport where he will be departing tonight to Johannesburg & then transferred into an ambulance & driven down to Durban...please pray for our boy!

9 hours ago
We would just like to thank everyone for all of your help, love & support throughout this whole horrifically traumatic ordeal.. Jordy has touched down on South African soil & is being transferred by ambulance to Durban.

1 hour ago
Jordan has arrived at the hospital in Durban and is currently in surgical ICU. The doctors are reviewing his scans & we are hopeful that treatment will start ASAP.

(Click on "Jordan's Journey above, to open the Facebook page in a new tab)

I have followed Jordan's Journey for a while now, I was at school with his lovely Aunty Wendy so I've paid attention and really hoped that this young man would pull through. Part of his biography really stood out: 

“From that moment, it was relayed to us that it was so serious; he had to go for 3 operations in just over one week, just so that they could get a sample big enough to make the correct diagnosis. This little boy had never even been to hospital before and didn’t quite understand what was happening or why, often asking “Mom, why is this happening to me?” and so many thoughts running through everyone’s minds just to try and find a response. His world was shattered and the earth seemed to swallow him and everyone who knew and loved him up in an instant; as the words were said – Jordan you have been diagnosed with a Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma’, a type of bone cancer.”

Gives me chills. This could happen to any of us at any time.

On the 22nd September he posted a photograph, it got over 1000 likes, 132 shares. 

He made it through his last Chemo and they arrived in the UK recently. However things did not look good from the onset:

27 December 2014
With much excitement we landed in the UK this afternoon, however it's been a bit of a rough journey... Jordy has been very sick since we got here. Please Pray that it was just the flight and that he feels better in the morning. Come on Cancer leave our baby alone and let him enjoy this holiday, it's been such a long & difficult road - he DESERVES THIS!! He is really looking forward to enjoying some adventures...

They stayed a while with family and then made their way to France so that Jordan could experience Disney World. Jordan never made it to Disney World. He is currently very ill in a Children's Hospital in France. 

Jordan's Journey has encouraged and inspired so many people around the world, offers of assistance, financial donations and encouragement from virtual strangers is the norm on his page, and this time - it's really a life-or-death situation. He is in a foreign country, he cannot fly home to South Africa without a Doctor in attendance, He needs to be flown back to South Africa - which will cost R1.1million. The Hospital in France refuses to treat him, and his medical aid refuses to pay for him to be flown home. Basically the Hospitals and Medical aid have said they are not willing to assist this young boy. 

"...they have found that the cancer has now spread to his lungs and brain..."

On the 31st December I saw a panicked wall post by my friend Wendy, and when I went to Jordan’s page I saw the following post:

31 December 2014
Jordan's trip to the UK has turned into a nightmare. We did a trip to France where we had planned to take him to Disneyland as he was feeling so much better & unfortunately he never made it there. Our precious boy was rushed to a children's hospital in Paris where they have found that the cancer has now spread to his lungs and brain. We are awaiting an emergency medical escort back to South Africa where he will be treated. WE ARE APPEALING TO EVERYONE TO PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!

What would you do if this was your child? I can’t even begin to imagine the trauma and fear that they must be feeling. This boy has stayed so strong and handled so much. It seems so unfair. The following post was made yesterday and I am also appealing to anyone who can help, not only with donations, but with the medical aid, the airlines etc

01 January 2015

Our nightmare has turned into a horror story.. our medical aid has now refused to pay anything towards Jordy & have told us it's going to cost in excess of R1.1 million to get him onto an aeroplane medically assisted back to South Africa for urgent radiation. The doctors here in Paris will not start treatment because we are not covered financially, however have helped us to try to contact the South African embassy but to no avail! We have contacted our travel insurance who are only paying out R100 000. We are INCREDIBLY DESPERATE to save our little boys life... Please, please, please help us in any way that you can. The doctors have told us that we need to get him to South Africa as quickly as possible. Any amount you could give us will help!! Begging you from the loving parents of a very sick little boy...

The following is a fund account that Jordan's Mother has access too, please assist by sharing this article and letting your friends / twitter etc know. When you donate, please use the reference JORDAN SMITH

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