Friday, 16 January 2015

POLITICS: Help Us Gauge the REAL State of the Nation

On 12 February, President Zuma will be delivering yet another of his annual "State of the Nation" addresses. But let's be clear on this: it's not going to be the real state of the nation. It will again be a handful of cherry-picked facts designed to make the ruling party look good.

Most South Africans face a very different reality.

Eskom will be broke by the end of January. Electricity supply is under severe threat, and water supply countrywide is already becoming affected. Drug addiction and crime is increasing among young people because unemployment and hopelessness is rising. Our economy has lost R300 billion, and 1 million South Africans have lost their jobs since load-shedding started in 2007. And this is just the beginning. The load-shedding schedule from February has all the makings of an economic shutdown.

The REAL State of the Nation needs to be heard in Parliament, and President Zuma must be held to account.

That's why in the coming weeks I will be consulting South Africans from all walks of life on their lived experiences. I will be visiting their homes and businesses, walking the streets of their communities, and holding townhall meetings to listen to their views.

We need your help to fund this tour

Every South African's voice deserves to get heard in Parliament. With your support we can take this tour countrywide and get the full picture first-hand. Then we can go back to Parliament and hold the President and ruling party to account armed with the facts.


Now more than ever, South Africans need Parliament to be effective. As long as we work through our democratic institutions to ensure accountability, President Zuma has his day coming.

The DA will see him in court soon for the 700 charges of corruption he has been running from for over a decade. And we will use Parliament to make sure he accounts for Nkandla, the Hawks, for SARS, for the NPA, the SABC and all the institutions he is trying to break down to escape accountability.

Let's restore Power to the People together!


Sandy Bigara

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