Monday, 3 November 2014

THEATRE: There! Lays Ubuntu Sakhiwo Arts at Catalina Theatre Durban

Please Note: This article is written in support of Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre using information found online.

"Nobody is Born Dead, but life gives birth to death"

Brought to you by Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre, catch THERE! LAYS UBUNTU at the Catalina Theatre from 14 November - 23 November, 7pm daily and 3pm Matinee on Sundays. This play is relevant to all communities and will facilitate healthy dialogue regarding morality and cultural changes in modern times.

"Ubuntu is a belief in a universal Bond that connects all humanity"...

A heartfelt and emotional musical, based on the lost or rather dead morals and customs of Ubuntu evident in the lifestyle of the young adults and youth of the modern era. Tickets are R80 per person, and available on COMPUTICKET.

"UBUNTU IS LIFE"...however, looking at the 21st century, Ubuntu is nothing but a statement used to manipulate, to get people to obey,… or shut the fuck up...”

In this play, we see Death personalized as a character, and how he infiltrates peoples lives within a community, in the context of Ubuntu. Musa Ntuli is an award winning actor and director from Durban, South Africa, known for his well scripted and perfectly polished work, Musa is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. He is directly involved in the leadership of the Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre and this fledgling company already has a shining future.

"Morals and customs have died in the race of life. Man is driven by the will to dominate, the will to attain what the world will retain when they die. Man is living so fast… to die hard! As death takes over…" 

The Sakhiwo Team recently walked away with numerous trophies and awards at the Isigcawu Drama Festival! Their hard work and devotion to their craft is inspiring.

In Short
Show: There!Lays Ubuntu
Where: Catalina Theatre
Date: 14-23 November 2014
Times: 7pm daily and 3pm Matinee on the Sundays.
Tickets: Available at all Checkers or Shoprite stores in KZN, or online click HERE.

Price: R80pp
Brought to you by Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre

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