Saturday, 22 November 2014

THEATRE REVIEW: There!Lays Ubuntu at The Catalina Theatre by Musa Ntuli

I had the absolute privilege of doing photography for There!Lays Ubuntu Written and Directed by Musa Ntuli performed courtesy of Sakhiwo Arts & Skills Development Centre last weekend.

I was expecting something sad, thought provoking… but I wasn’t prepared for the feast that would be laid before us as an audience, original music sung in traditional African style, accompanied by keyboard and drums. I would have preferred to see the musicians on a more elevated and lit up stage area – their part in the play was also important.

 The choreography was not simple by any means, the passion and zeal of the cast was palpable, they were enjoying, truly enjoying the experience on stage. They were 100% behind the message that they were sharing – a rare thing to ‘feel’ emanating from the stage. Lighting design was by freelance Lighting and Sound Technician Mancane, and I felt that the lighting supported each scene visually (even though I leaned on the spot light and got moaned at! Thankfully it wasn’t on at the time!!)

To see such a full and robust cast was refreshing – the lead characters were realistically portrayed with no hysterics or TV acting, real gritty emotion displayed in real life situations.

One of the lead actors really stood out to me, Monde Zondi who plays the role of Skuva a young gangster with a sad and troubled past. Besides being an exceptionally beautiful human (hunk!) he was passionate in his portrayal and is definitely someone to watch out for!

The plot unfolds throughout the play, with unanswered questions clarified by the last scene, with the central plot similar to a traditional Shakespearean tragedy – the final death scene left me quiet and with a feeling of depth.

In this play, we see Death personalized as a character, and how he infiltrates peoples lives within a community, in the context of Ubuntu.

In Short
Show: There!Lays Ubuntu
Where:Catalina Theatre
Date: 14-23 November 2014
Times: 7pm daily and 3pm Matinee on the Sundays.
Tickets: Available at all Checkers or Shoprite stores in KZN, or online click HERE.

Price: R80pp (Spur and John Dory meal options on computicket)
Brought to you by Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre 

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