Monday, 17 November 2014

MARKET: Hingham Nursery Christmas Market

Hingham Nursery 
Christmas Market
28th November
8am till 6pm
Free Entry
(Top of Clematis grv, off Rinaldo, which is off Umhlanga Rocks 
Drive at the top, or Chris Hani/North Coast rd at the bottom.)

**generous portions**
**kids playground**
**pet friendly**
**wheelchair friendly**

What a wonderful way to start your weekend... :)

There will be lots of Christmas goodies to buy from the Hingham decor shop, as gifts, or to spoil yourself!

Classy Candles and Function decor hire will be displaying clever idea's on how to decorate your christmas table and there will be some beautiful christmas decorations for sale.

The Tea Garden will run as normal until sunset, and as an addition: we will be selling our famous salad dressing, onion marmalade, biscuits etc.

Bring the whole family, and come and have some fun at Hinghams!

Please share to help us make this a successful event.

Sandy Bigara

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