Monday, 24 November 2014

FREE MP3: Download my NEW Single "Forever" NOW!

This is my newly mastered single "Forever" also called Per Sempre, it was only fully completed this last week.

In 2008 I lost a baby via miscarriage on Christmas day, I named her "Heart" and wrote a poem about her, I did not know I was pregnant when we lost her. 

In 2013 I started to play around with a song about loss, and Forever happened. I was pregnant at the time with my son Samuel when I recorded the music for the song in December 2013. I recorded preliminary vocals for reference. 

In early February of 2014, a week before my 1940's historical theatre musical opened, I lost Samuel at 15 weeks pregnant. Recording this song helped us to grieve, my children 4 and 6 have sung it on and off all year - in the beginning it was painful to perform it live, but as time has progressed it is easier and easier. 

In November of 2014 the previous version of this song was one of the major thematic pieces in "7 Inch Heels" by Thabiso Radebe at the Catalina Theatre, a play about loss. 

I have shared it with very few people and the response has been the same: emotion and shared experiences.

Here are the lyrics:

Forever / Per Sempre
Copyright © Sandy Bigara

Softly moving… hiding deep within me.
Lost in time, this dream is fading out again…
Life has a way of taking those who should remain…
Father find a way! This dream is fading out again!                      
Heart you left us!
Cuore si’so-no anda-ti,
Resta’con me’il mio’a-more!
Tu’sei vivo nel mi-o cu-ore!
Heart you left us…                   
Heart you left us…
Heart you left us!
Cuore si’so-no anda-ti,
Resta’con me’il mio’a-more!
Tu’sei vivo nel mi-o cu-ore!
…Per sempre…                  

[Ending / Italian Translation]
Heart you have gone
Stay with me my love
You are alive in my heart - Forever!      X2

And the link for free download: 

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