Tuesday, 4 November 2014

FAMILY: Teaching about Consequence - Tidy vs Untidy

My children, 6.5 and 4, use our lounge as a play area. My home office is there and they have always played near to me.

They play incredible games, very involved, and very messy. They turn the lounge into so many amazing places for adventures together - I love listening to them giggle, talking in 'american' accents and having a ball.

The outcome each time this year has been a lounge that is DESTROYED. And ME cleaning it :/ we have no Domestic Assistance and my Husband and I share the workload.

So this weekend I watched them thoroughly mess the lounge. Before I would have felt defeated and sad, moaning about the mess. This time however, I spoke to them gently and said "Whatever you do, you must undo later. The lounge will be neat by the time you go to bed." And they agreed - messing even more.

I then marshaled them for almost an hour while they tidied the room - I assisted in folding blankets with them, and guiding them when they had a little tiff etc. Kel 4 struggled, but I watched how Savanna stepped in and encouraged her sister to help by working alongside her. By the end of the hour they were very proud of the neat room. I had to take photos of them. They were that proud.

Monday - the lounge stayed clean the WHOLE day (a first!!)

Tuesday they started a 'museum' and brought through toys - moving the bigger couch cushions off of the couches and onto the floor - to create different sections of the museum - then they watched a movie and dragged their blankets and bed pillows into the lounge... They also opened a big tub of crayons and koki's, and drew lots of pictures on A4 paper... By 5pm the lounge was beyond destroyed. I couldn't walk straight across it.

I had finally climbed into bed a bit later not feeling so well, so Daddy oversaw the clean-up. I listened to them moving things, packing things away. Lots of giggles as their Daddy lifted them up inside their blankets and carried them to their rooms.

In 30min the lounge was tidy. Not perfect - but very tidy. Each couch even had little decorative cushions on it :)

I'm very keen to see where this leads... Hopefully teaching them to realise that for every action there is a reaction.

What do you do if your kids totally mess up a room or two in your house?


Have a great day xx

Sandy Bigara

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