Monday, 24 November 2014

CRAFT KIDS: Make a Lasting Memory for Christmas!

My 6 year old daughter sketched a Reindeer last night, and after scanning the image into my PC I had an idea for our tired looking front window.

We spent about 3 hours doing this.

You'll need:
A4 white paper for printing the images
Santa and a sleigh
Get your kid/kids to draw a Reindeer each (even if they are funny looking) scan and copy the number of reindeer that you need. Make sure to mirror flip the ones that will flay 'backwards' in the zig zag.
One A4 piece of coloured paper per reindeer x number of reindeer.
One A4 piece of coloured cardboard for the back layer x number of reindeer
Sticky tape
Wool / 2m shoe lace / string

The process:
Create 'characters' by adding hair styles etc to each reindeer,
Colour in the pictures using roll-ups,
Glue the highlights and add glitter,
Cut out.
Stick onto the coloured paper and cut out again leaving a bubble border.
Stick onto the coloured cardboard and cut out again leaving another colour bubble layer.
Thread wool/string etc through the reindeer, criss crossing through a small puncture near the chest. Use sticky tape to fasten the 'reins' correctly.
Then, using sticky tape, adhere to window.


Sandy Bigara

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