Monday, 27 October 2014

FOOD: My weekend... The Good Food & Wine Show


What an INCREDIBLE weekend! The Clover & Selati Sweet Treats Theatre was pumping, there was standing room only :)  

So many cute and happy children - worth every stiff muscle from doing all of those action sing-alongs ha! 

So much colour! Here with Chef Katie Kasambala. 

The MISSING is ridiculous!!! The Good Food & Wine Show SA DBN was like a **festival of awesome** this year! 

Sarah Holloway Rainbow Experiential Marketing), Lentswe Bhengu Africa on a Plate), Sherwyn Sean Weaich (The Gourmet Bushie, Ultimate Braai Master), Candice Courtney (So Whipped), Katie Kasambala Little Cooks Club Durban North),Amy McKenna, Daniela Dotan (Daniella's Macaroons), Katelyn Williams & Ewan Strydom, Claire Winstanley Expresso Morning Show - SABC 3), Siya, Mishal Mookrey (Mela) & more... you made this weekend ROCK. 

Big loves from the Diva (Singing Chef) *kiss *kiss (Now put your left leg out... left leg in... )

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