Wednesday, 29 October 2014

COMEDY: 31st October 22h00 What Kind? Halloween Edition Comedy Improv Show

Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins and Vampires... Don't forget to head on down to The Catalina Theatre this Friday 31st October at 22h00 for our crazy What Kind? Halloween Edition of our monthly hit improv show.

What Kind? Is our South African version of the long running UK & USA tv series Whose Line Is It Anyway? with Drew Carey, Ryan Stile, Colin Mochrey and Wayne Brady that had us all howling with laughter in the ninety's & noughty's!

Our talented cast of professional actors returns for their fourth consecutive show and belly laughs are guaranteed (the show officially ends at 11:15pm but our cheering audiences have never let us finish before midnight!)

There is a dress-up competition and the best dressed audience member will win a nice prize to take home.

Did we mention that there will be free wine?... No? Well, there will be free wine. You're welcome.

Book your tickets (R80pp) at or at any Checkers or Shoprite store... Or, after a nice dinner at the wharf (if you're brave enough to party in your dress-up!) You can stroll along to the theatre at 9:30pm and buy your tickets at Box Office (next to Zacks)

See you there! #WhatKind

Sandy Bigara

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