Monday, 1 September 2014

RECIPE Sugar-Free Choc-Nut Spread (No Added Sugar)

This is my 4 year old, Kelsey's favourite spread! Tastes similar to Nutella, and would work well with any type of nut butter, if you used Hazelnut butter it would be even similar to Nutella.
Bear in mind that most nut butters have some level of added sugar - for a completely sugar free nut butter use a sugarless nut butter as your base.
I think that this spread would be incredible with Cashew nut butter - you can order some from (amazing!)
Use more or less honey to get the consistency that you like :) xx

Sugar-Free Choc-Nut Spread

1 Tbsp Yum-Yum peanut butter (smoothe or crunchy)
1 Tbsp non-radurised Honey
1/2 tsp cocoa powder

1) Scrape off approx amount of Peanut butter into a ramekin or small cup. (depending on how many sliced of toast you have to cover, generally work on the above recipe for two slices of toast)
2) Add honey and mix until the paste is loose and runny.
3) Add cocoa powder and SLOWLY blend it in using your knife tip.
4) Spread on hot toast or onto fresh bread. This spread would also work well on chocolate muffins, or as frosting on and between layers of a cake. Just make sure that you check that none of your guests have nut allergies.

Enjoy! Xx

Sandy Bigara


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